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Computer – Friend Or Not?

August 13, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Today, even small children can use a computer. Many are sitting at the computer for several hours a day. Parents are satisfied: kids are not acting up, no noise, spend time with benefits, develop mentally …

The computer helps children to seek information, analyze it, and most importantly – create it.

Besides using the keyboard develops fine motor skills of the child, which beneficially affects the entire body and his first of all – the intellect. Computer games and Internet use gives the child a sense of his skill, ingenuity, enhance opportunities for communication with peers, help him to assert himself, which then contributes to the conscious choice of profession.

However, not all is so rosy. Doctors say that babies under the age of five years cannot sit at the computer. Their fragile organism is extremely sensitive to all external influences, and in particular, to the harmful radiation of the computer, eyes not yet fully developed, and load them on your computer monitor can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the eye and the optic nerve. Five-seven-year children can be at your computer only for 10-15 minutes a day and no more than 3-4 times a week.

Continuous operation of the computer in childhood and adolescence may trigger the development of myopia, cause damage to the focus, dry eye syndrome and other disorders of vision. Incidentally, the same happens with vision in adults, if they spend hours looking at the monitor. Therefore, during the work at the computer definitely need to take breaks at 10 minutes after every 40-45 minutes. And all to save the vision necessary to carry out exercises for the eyes, take vitamin and mineral supplementation containing vitamins A and E and unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (fish oil), carotenoids, anthocyanosides. In addition, it is recommended for the prevention while working at a computer wearing special glasses with antiglare coating. For a long sitting at a computer often leads to severe neurotic children.

Develop depression, all sorts of fears, increased fatigue, reduced attention. Observations of Neurology show that those who are overly keen on the computer, deteriorating school performance. Some forms of relationship games, which can develop into compulsive gambling – a serious mental illness, similar to drug addiction.

What can you advise parents who have bought a computer for child? Only one thing – to control him. Especially if the child uses the Internet. World Wide Web may delay gullible teens online pornography, fraud, pedophile rings. There are many dangerous sites.

Bullies in real life bully a teenager, this process is removed to a mobile phone, and then spread to the Internet video … There is only one solution – to install computer filters that block access to dangerous sites.

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