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PC For Children

August 13, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

In our century technological progress and high technology, home electronics, and computers are an integral part of life. Almost every first-grader has a cell phone, and often, also own a home computer.
In addition to prestige among children, electronic novelties are presented by their owners and a huge amount of knowledge and capabilities. So, at what age should teach a child to an electronic system?

Psychologists say that from 4 to 7 years it’s time to introduce children to letters, numbers, logic games. During this period it is possible to get your child of the first computer. And not necessarily that it was a fancy computer with a powerful processor and expensive graphics card.

We are talking about children teaching computers to help the child be able to perform simple tasks, learn to type and, if desired, play simple games. At a low price they are quite functional. Learn the basics of letters and a PC, runs on these devices in the form of a game, and does not tire the baby. But, of course, parents should monitor and suppress the desire of the child – only to play the keyboard of this machine. With a small man, it is easy to negotiate, and persuade him that the classes and the game should be the same over time. Do not let the kid too much time to spend on the computer, baby is not yet formed. Two or three classes a day, for forty minutes, with long intervals, would be sufficient.

Full-fledged computer the child is able to assess and understand it – from 7 – 10 years. At this age, well developed is logical thinking. And the little man can quite, fully, to understand simple programs and, of course, to play games.

Do not forget about training programs and courses. Such as interactive learning foreign languages, mathematics, and other fun. Because install software on children’s computer you will select the most interesting and colorful programs that encourage children to engage them more than just play. And, of course, you must install special software that limit time spent by your child at the computer. A good example of such software is the “Cyber Mom.” This simple program does not allow a child too long to be at a computer in your absence.

Children’s computer, not only will help your child in solving school problems, writing essays and compositions, but also serve as a means of further communication.

Discuss the Internet to their questions, and learn about the announcements, the curious, those in their age – phones, games, pets.

The main thing is to encourage beneficial interests of your child, and unobtrusively, to suppress harmful. And then, a children’s computer will help your daze, and grow up competent, fully developed, modern man.

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