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Computer And Health

August 15, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

A computer is as safe as any other household appliance. But, as with other appliances, there are potential health risks associated with its use. (Incidentally, many of these threats are linked not only with computers but also with video games). Considering the impact of computers on health, we note several risk factors.

These include:

issue of provocation of epileptic seizures;
problems associated with electromagnetic radiation;
vision problems;
problems with the muscles and joints.

In each of these cases the risk is directly proportional to time spent at the computer and its vicinity.

Provocation of epileptic seizures

Provocation of epileptic seizures opinion on the possibility of provoking attacks on the computer at work is greatly exaggerated. It is also not proven whether the computer can influence the course of epilepsy. However, there are some people sensitive to flashes of light and the possibility of the onset of epileptic seizures. If you have any concern about the appearance of a child attacks you need to go to a specialized medical center and study the brain during biocurrents flashes of light EEG (EEG) with photostimulation.

This study in most cases reveals disruption of brain cells (seizure activity) of people with epilepsy. At the same time, the presence of epileptic activity on the electroencephalogram is not a definitive contraindication for use a computer. With a correctly-chosen treatment and subject to a number of protective measures a child can not deprive of pleasure working on the computer.

It is advisable that monitor has high resolution and frame refresh rate – this will reduce the flicker of the screen. The high degree of concentration and the need for rapid response while using your computer can even activating the work of the cerebral cortex, to prevent the emergence of seizures. Please note that the computer can be an important factor in social formation of the child with epileptic seizures due to the possibility of working with training programs, obtain the necessary information and communicate with peers using telecommunications (with a modem connection to the Internet, etc.).

Electromagnetic radiation

Every device that produces or consumes energy, creates electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is concentrated around the device in the form of an electromagnetic field. Some devices, like a toaster or a refrigerator, create very low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Other devices (power lines, microwave, televisions, computer monitors) produce much higher levels of radiation.

You cannot see electromagnetic radiation, hear, smell, taste or touch it, but nevertheless it is present everywhere.
In fact, anyone familiar with the principle of a computer monitor (also known as video terminals and display) accepts the fact that there is no point in talking about the X-ray emission. A small amount of ionizing radiation produced by the cathode-ray tube inside the monitor effectively shield glass tube

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