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Computers And Vision

August 15, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

If the impact of electromagnetic fields on health still is controversial, it surely affects the computer vision on the negative. In any event, when children or adults are engaged in work related to the voltage of view, their eyes get tired. This problem is well known to motorists for a long time in transit or any reader. The muscles that control eye and focus them on a certain subject just take excessive load. The potential exists for eye strain any work which involves sight, but it is greatest when it is necessary to consider the object at close range.

The problem is further increased if such activity is associated with the use of high-brightness devices, such as a computer monitor. Reading beyond measure, unlimited by time before television or computer demand from young eyes serious stress. Most often it leads to fatigue of the fact that children become lethargic and irritable. As every parent can attest, these effects occur not necessarily with related computer use.

When the kids go overboard in any occupation, they often become irritable. If your child is excited more than usual, and for this there is no other obvious cause, then it may well be due to his long stay at the computer. Excessive computer usage may also aggravate existing eye problems. Many children suffer from a slight change in vision, which can be viewed as a “nuisance.” Over time, this will require vision correction, but the intervention of medicine, may be avoided until the juvenile or adult age.

But if the children are so much passionate about computers that spend all their free time at the keyboard, then this “nuisance” could turn into something more which would require correction at an early age. Although it not yet proven that the computer can cause blurred vision, some ophthalmologists have expressed concern that overreliance on them at an early age can have a negative effect on the muscles that control the eyes, for the child it will be very difficult to focus vision on a certain subject, particularly in such occupations as reading. If this happens, the problem of vision correction has to deal with glasses. Fortunately, most of these problems can be fairly easily avoided.

The most obvious solution is to limit the amount of time spent at the computer children without interruption. It is recommended to make a short break after every minute sessions. We understand that it is hard to get carried away by the child to comply with a strict time limit, so you’re in a pinch, you can make concessions and take advantage of the recommendations for adult users, which provide a break after each hour of work. The ideal of “detente” between computer classes can be physically active, not requiring the exertion of vision – a walk, playing ball in the air or even a trip to the store with adults.

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