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Harm Of Your Computer On Health

August 15, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

If you consider yourself a full-fledged citizen of the modern world, then surely you could not help noticing an accelerated rate of development of electronic industry in the last 20 years. First and foremost this is due to the rapid technological and scientific progress in the world. For the simple townsfolk turned these changes the appearance of a large number of electronic technology in everyday life. For example, each person can find a home microwave oven, refrigerator, TV, washing machine and other useful devices, not to mention such trifles as a hair dryer, electric razor, that even drying shoe that consumes electricity. In just a short time our flats are transformed from a zone of peace and comfort in the concrete chambers with elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation. But to escape from an overabundance of EMI is hardly possible in the workplace, because according to statistics, about 30% of the population most of the time spend working at the computer.

Harm of your computer

And it is about the dangers of the computer I want to talk now. Controversy on this subject has been going on for quite a long time, actually since the first models of personal digital assistants. Currently, there are at least three major types of computer effects on humans.

* The first of them is a violation of the functioning of some systems of the body due to sedentary work (after all, with the advent of the PC number of movements of office workers has decreased by 2 – 4 times). This is significantly affected locomotor, muscular, circulatory systems, etc. But to accuse of violating the functioning of the body because of reduced mobility of electronic computers is hardly a sensible idea, since in this case the PC – this is only an indirect cause.
* The following type of impact is the concentration of attention by the user on the screen during the extended period of time, that is, harm your computer may appear in different aspects of the visual system. But this case also only indirectly indicates danger to the health of your PC.
* The third and last type of interaction between computers and humans is in harmful electromagnetic radiation, which, according to recent research in this area may be one of the hazards to human health. Although in the past 10 years, the manufacturers have significantly reduced the radiation level from the front of the monitor, but still remain side and rear panels, as well as the system unit, power, and the working frequency of which is constantly increasing, and consequently increase the level of dangerous high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

From the above we can conclude that the producers make statements such as: damage to your computer is unsubstantiated fiction, you must be careful with this electronic device, or it may jeopardize your health.

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