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Safety Regulations

August 15, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Convincing evidence that the electromagnetic field generated by a computer monitor can be dangerous does not exist but the available information on the subject is still not enough to give a final answer. (If one day scientists will come to the conclusion that the electromagnetic field affects the health, we need to think about protecting children, not just from computers but televisions.
But it is better to take care of oneself. Here are some tips gleaned from various sources and they contain information on how to protect yourself dealing with computers or electromagnetic fields:

Since the electromagnetic radiation coming from all parts of the monitor (many measurements showed that the level of swelling on the sides and rear of the monitor is higher than the front) set up the computer in the corner.
Do not leave your computer monitor or permanently switched on. If your computer is not used, turn it off. This may not be very convenient (and may even have some effect on the life of your computer), but it is not too much protection money from the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields.
Make sure your kids sit as far as possible from your computer screen (or TV), but not at the expense of convenience. According to tests conducted by the magazine “Macworld” (room for July 1990), users are sitting at least 70 cm from the screen received the minimum dose of electromagnetic radiation. “Macworld” recommends the use of the computer placing the monitor at arm’s length (with arms outstretched fingers of an adult).
Children and pregnant women should spend at the computer more than a few hours a day.
Use special protective screen. Some companies that manufacture computer monitors have developed such a model which significantly reduce the magnetic fields created by them.

Problems associated with the muscles and joints

People who earn a living working on computers have complaints associated with diseases of the muscles and joints. Most often it is just stiff neck, pain in the shoulders and waist, or tingling in the legs. But there are, however, more serious diseases. The most common is carpal tunnel syndrome in which nerves are damaged as a result of frequent hand and long-term work on the computer.

In the most severe form of this syndrome is manifested in the form of excruciating pain, deprive a person of ability to work. In children, these problems are rare, yet most of them carried away do not spend so much time on the computer as adult professionals. But still it makes sense to monitor the situation of the child if he stayed too long at the computer too.

Be sure to make sure that the chair on which a child sits is not too high or too low. If you develop the habit of sitting in his flat and look directly at the computer, it is likely he will be able to avoid future problems with the muscles and joints.

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