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Children And Computer

August 16, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Children living in the modern world often replace the interaction with friends, playing sports, outdoor games in spare time, walks in the fresh air with a computer. It is difficult to deny that the computer allows the child to develop, obtain information, communicate … However, many parents are unaware that many hours sitting at a computer can cause a computer’s syndrome, which is expressed in a spasm of accommodation – long-term static strain, and dry eye syndrome, arising from the drying surface of the cornea from a rare and blink continuously looking at the object of work.

In the course of communication with the computer kids have to solve increasingly complex spatial and gradually logic puzzles that require considerable mental and eyestrain, since the relatively short distance we have to consider the on-screen small letters, pictures, numbers, dashes. Periodically glancing from screen to keyboard the child constantly re-makes accommodation of the eye. This causes stress the eye muscles which increases light pulsing screen. Thus, the load on the eyes when communicating with a computer is very different from other types of load at visual work – reading, for example, or even watching TV.

Another important factor is the neuro-emotional stress. It’s no secret that communication with the computer, especially with game programs, is accompanied by a strong nervous tension, because it requires a quick response. Short-term concentration of nervous processes is clearly a child’s fatigue. Working on the computer he experiences a kind of emotional stress.

A sitting position increases the statistical burden and lowers the already low, the motor activity of the modern child. As a result of the long seat in a fixed position, pain in the muscles of the neck, back, headaches, aching joints of the hands can cause various diseases of the locomotor system. Prolonged constrained posture makes it difficult to breath.

Statistics show that even work at a computer for 1-2 hours causes 73% of adolescents overall and visual fatigue, while the usual training sessions fatigue occurs only in 54% of children. Often, fascinated by computer games, kids do not notice the fatigue which then strongly affects their vision. Fatigue, distraction of attention, anxiety begin to appear in children after a 15-minute work on the computer, and after 20 minutes in 25% of children were reported by experts from the unpleasant effects of the visual apparatus and the central nervous system.

Accident prevention

Prevent the appearance of fatigue is possible. To do so limit the duration of the child spending time at the computer, regularly do exercises for the eyes, organize the workplace, use only high quality computer programs relevant to their age, ventilate the room where the computer after each hour of work.

Influence on computer vision, in addition, can be reduced by buying a good modern monitor with high resolution and high image refresh rate which significantly reduces the flicker. The optimum screen size for your baby is 15 inches, for a student you can buy 17-inch monitor.

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