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In Order To Protect The Child

August 16, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

The correct distance to the monitor is about 45-60 cm, preferably at eye level, the right lighting – natural light falling on the left and in the dark – the lamp should illuminate only the document you are working with the child, not the screen, to avoid glare, complicating the work.

Many parents are unaware of the existence of the norms established by the Ministry of Health to use your children’s computer. These norms are very strict but objective. For first time at the computer should not exceed 10 minutes per day, only 15 minutes is recommended by child. High school students require no more than 30 minutes of continuous work at the computer for the first hour of lessons and 20 minutes on the second. Safe standard of computer games that are so fond of modern teenagers is 10 minutes for children and for junior high school students – 15 minutes. In addition, computer games before bedtime are strictly prohibited.

In order to reduce the harmful effects of awkward postures it is necessary to choose the right furniture workers. A specialized children’s furniture will help to reduce stress and maintain the correct position when working at the computer. Chair on castors, with height and tilt adjustable backrest, without armrests, rotating around its axis. Table – with a special pull-out board for the keyboard.

In the room with a working computer the physical characteristics of the air changes: the temperature can rise to 26-27 degrees, relative humidity – to fall below normal (40-60%) and carbon dioxide – to increase. The air is ionized, the number of positive (heavy) ions, which adversely affects the performance. Some people, including children are particularly sensitive and painful to react to these changes in the air. They have a scratchy throat, cough due to increased dryness of mucous.
Do not forget the high-frequency electromagnetic fields which create a deflecting electromagnetic system monitor. Be careful: in modern models such radiation is most strongly from behind and above the monitor and the front slightly. So you cannot lean over the monitor, put it best back wall to the wall.
The computer can create an electrostatic field of high tension, which acts as a time at a distance of two feet from the screen. The modern monitors have special filters that reduce the intensity of the radiation. Air conditioners, dust collectors, ionizers, dry cleaning and room ventilation reduce the harmful effects of the electrostatic field. It is also effective washing with cold water immediately after training on the computer.

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