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August 16, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

It is difficult to find a family in which there would not be a computer. But not every family can boast of their own living space, where there is a separate children’s room and a separate room to work. From this follows that from an early age children are accustomed to seeing their parents at “miracle machine” with enthusiasm, their eyes are staring into the monitor and constantly crawl the mouse on the desk. All this, in turn, leads to an irresistible interest in children to the computer, keyboard, mouse, disks, – in short, everything that is connected to a computer. There is a big question – what to do with the problem of ‘children and a computer? ‘ We will try to find out!

Remember that if you taught the kid to watch on your computer only development programs and cartoons your children and your computer will find no more “intimate contact” at school age – that’s impossible! A child with each subsequent day will occur at the beginning of interest to movies, then to the Internet, and then to the more spicy things, with which Internet is full! All of this will leave plenty of time, the child will become couch potato, gambling, and most memorable moments of his childhood with the boys will not in the yard with the ball and sleds, but in front of the monitor.

Let’s start in order:

1. Internet – this is primarily an enormous amount of useful information! Look at yourself, you are currently using this tool to find the right knowledge. Therefore, until a certain age, parents need to filter the flow of information from the network and files on your computer;

2. Games – the attribute, without which the computer is not available. There are plenty of interesting games to play. It should be clear to distinguish between necessary and brutal, vulgar, stupid games. Do not succumb to the entreaties of the child to buy what he wants. If the child has already learned to install the game himself – remove unnecessary content filter on your computer. Now a lot of games that are designed for kids from four years – they develop logic, taught reading, writing and mathematics. This may be good games related with travel and fairy tales. And there are all sorts of “Shooter”, where is a lot of blood.

3. Movies – this is at the discretion of the parents, again, constantly filtering and checking the contents of your computer. However, until a certain age, let it be a cartoon;

From an early age children need to program that computer is the thing for school, work, this is the correct thing! If the child is already quite an adult, is going to school – meet him with interesting sites about animals, plants, historical, and technical subjects.

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