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Vision And Computer

August 16, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

The human eye formed during the long evolution in the twentieth century was not well suited for use with a computer image. The picture screen is different from the natural fact that it is luminescent and not reflected. The visual load increases significantly because of the need to constantly move the eyes from the monitor screen to the keyboard and paper text. Often the inability to correctly and efficiently organize the workplace (the glare on the monitor screen from external sources, improper distance from the eyes to the screen, an unfortunate choice of colors, too much brightness) aggravate the situation.

The greatest common causes fatigue work online. A special eye strain is a computer graphics – the implementation and adjustment of working drawings from a PC. At risk of “computer syndrome” are active computer users aged 18 to 40 years.
The symptoms of computer eye syndrome

Complaints of people spend most of their time behind the screen of the monitor can be divided into two groups:

– Optical

blurred vision (blurred vision);
slow refocusing from near objects to far and vice versa (disturbance of accommodation);
doubling of objects;
rapid fatigue when reading.

– Physical

burning eyes;
feeling of “sand” under the eyelids;
pain in the eye sockets and forehead;
pain when moving eyes;
red eyeballs.

The study of visual functions in humans for several years worked for the PC found the decline in accommodation compared with age-related norm and a greater frequency of myopia compared with those of the same age, not related to the computer. Individuals placed on the above complaints, all of these changes were more pronounced. Investigation of the effect of the work itself with a display on the eyes showed that per shift is a reduction of the amount of accommodation, and some users have developed a temporary, “false” short-sightedness.
Recommendations to combat “computer syndrome”

Do not neglect a visit to an ophthalmologist and not self-medicate.
Use special eye drops, tear replacement
Limit the time of the computer no more than 4 hours per day
Do mandatory breaks during the work at close range every 20-30 minutes.

There are special glasses with progressive lenses which correspond to the zone of clear vision eye movement while working at various distances. The use of it gives reduced visual fatigue and improvement of accommodation compared with conventional glasses to 85% of workers.

Subject to these recommendations reduced the number of errors committed by the operator, especially in the afternoon. The glasses are comfortably in the street, under a cloudy sky – clearly visible and contrast, and on a sunny day they do not pass into the eyes of a very active part of the shortwave spectrum. Thus, glasses with a computer filter can be recommended for continuous wear. And it is very important because over 50% of computer users are people with glasses.

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