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Children And The Computer: Do We Need Restrictions?

August 19, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Computer securely and thoroughly went even more rushed into our lives.

Very often young parents for their young child to buy a computer almost from the cradle.

Of course, parents with affection and a smile watching their child learn the basics in learning the computer, probably hoping to grow a second Bill Gates. But the results of studies conducted in the UK for about 10 years ago prove the opposite. British scientists and psychologists in one voice say that the addiction of children under 10 years of computer knowledge can slow the development of the child drown out the real interest in children’s games as well as completely suppress interest in contacts with children.
If previously it was important to teach children computer literacy, now there is a new task – to protect the child from excessive contact with the virtual reality.

Cause for Concern

BBC conducted a study which revealed that young, enthusiastic people who are fond of computer find it hard to concentrate on the book page even for 30 seconds. Instead of reading it, following the computer habit, they quickly flip through all the pages.

Another study suggests that excessive use of teenagers online in three years will lead to significant “rejuvenation” of mental illness.

Psychologists are confident that the computer should not stand in the nursery: “Its place is in the living room or any other general area in which everyone has access.”

Some parents are very pleased that begin to play computer games with their children. This allows them to understand not only the interests of their children but to develop much closer some skills – even if not the most useful but fun.

However, a more effective way, in his opinion, is the signing of a family agreement, which will indicate how long a child can spend in front of the monitor.
“Computer” time must be limited to a maximum of two hours a day but today children spend in front of the monitor up to five hours daily.

It is easy to teaching

With respect to adolescents, their communication with the computer is limited hard because they actively use it for homework. Psychologists believe that the grown-up children can put a computer in the room so they can engage in quiet, but this does not mean that they are day and night watch the monitor. “Computer” time must be limited to a maximum of two hours a day but now the children spend in front of the monitor up to five hours a day.

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