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Children And The Computer

August 21, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

At the dawn of the information age the main users of computers were adults. Today the situation is quite different: every day millions of children use computers at home and at school, for education and entertainment.

In order to succeed in school the child must master a set of visual skills such as fixing the exact gaze, accommodation (focusing the image), binocular vision, convergence (eye turn), peripheral (side) vision and central analysis (image recognition). Working with a computer requires some adjustment in the work of all these mechanisms compared with other types of visual activity. This is especially dangerous for children whose visual system is still developing. Children may experience many symptoms associated with the professional operators of personal computers. Continuous operation of the monitor can cause eye irritation, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches. However, if adults are uncomfortable in most cases, sooner or later children may lead to severe functional impairment in the visual system.

In recent years, ophthalmologists have noted an increase in the number of patients complaining of typical symptoms of eye fatigue when working with a computer. American Association of optometrists introduced the concept of “computer eye syndrome” (Computer Vision Syndrome) which includes a “complex of visual and ocular symptoms which appear when you are working with a computer.” Symptoms related to this condition most often include feeling tired eyes, the mist before eyes, headache, redness of the eyeballs, neck pain, back pain, double vision visible objects, excessive light sensitivity. Studies have shown that bearing children can vary under the influence of eye strain, so that incorrect posture can also be attributed to manifestations of computer visual syndrome.

Unfortunately, children often have a limited degree of self-control. Many of them continue to do interesting work with great concentration until the complete depletion of view (eg, playing video games for hours without interruption). Prolonged activity without a significant rest breaks can cause spasm of accommodation, eye irritation, fatigue, all parts of the visual system.

Problems with accommodation (focusing images on the retina) may occur as a result of examining long-loved object as a book or computer screen. In some cases, eye ciliary muscle responsible for the optical focus is so adapted to the observation of an object at a fixed distance that can no longer be free to adapt the optical power of the eye to the contemplation of another object. Sometimes the ciliary muscle remains in a fixed (spasm) state for a long time after work. Eye irritation may occur due to insufficient moisture eyeball tears due to too few blinking. In addition, the monitor is usually located in the field of view greater than a book or a piece of paper, so the upper eyelids opened wider and rate of evaporation of tear fluid is increased, leading to drying and irritation.

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