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Computer As The Friend To Your Hild

August 22, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Many children, especially on the threshold of adolescence prefer to spend their time playing computer games.

But where to draw the line between a hobby and this addiction? The first thing you should pay attention to is whether he is in a trance. It indicates that emerged addictive. If a child is struggling hard with you for the right to play when you are trying to limit the time spent at the computer it is a sign of addiction. Children suffering from a painful addiction need help. There are some expert advices that can help you take control of the habit.

Develop an incentive system

Create a system in which the child must earn the right to engage in video games. Do not let him think that he is automatically entitled to it. Permission to play should be a reward for work done at home, successfully completed the homework, etc. If the child is able to prove that you can rely on him in these cases, only then give him the freedom to play computer games.

Set a time limit on video games lessons

You can buy a special device to control the time which makes video games for your child. You can install a program that allows video games to enjoy a certain number of hours per week – and no more.

Make changes

For example, do not let your child sit at the game immediately for the return of the school, as long as he does not eat. This will facilitate the parents control over time spent in front of a computer.

Invite your child’s friends to play games with him. If possible, purchase the games that you need to play together. And, as an option, you yourself can play with him. When you are playing try to understand why he likes this or that game, and gradually develop a taste for planting, cognitive games.

Look for the causes of school

Because of the bad marks at school the child may want to increase his self-esteem and he tries to pick it up winning victory in the games. In this case, a good option would be to hire a private tutor.

Fight for the real thing

Instead of buying a video game based on some form of sport, say football, baseball or hockey, take your child to a real match. In this case it is not only distracted from the screen, but it will give you and your child a sense of comradeship shared communication.
So, computer is not so bad thing, it may help to your child to learn a lot of new thing. The only thing you have to do is to control the time your child spend at the computer.

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