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Computers For Kids: Friend Or Foe?

August 22, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Do I need a computer for the children? What are the dangers of “smart machine” for small children? Can a computer for a child become a friend and assistant?

Computer for children in the modern world is not fancy. Almost every family has a personal computer, and sometimes not even one. As a rule, it is intended for adults: for work, entertainment, finding the desired information. However, once the baby starts to crawl, then walk and then the computer goes into the sphere of his interests.

Initially, the child is interested in a computer just because all the time adults do it. Then he begins to realize that the computer is an exciting electronic toy which is “cool” and “normal” toy. And if the child’s fascination with computers is not controlled, he would soon replace all toys and entertainment, also family, friends, and real communication.

Of course, this cannot be tolerated. Computers for children can become the enemy, but it can become a good friend. Just the rules of computer use for children should be set as soon as possible and never deviate from them.

Your individual computer for preschoolers and elementary school age, in principle, is not necessary. But for teens and high school students, if funds allow, you can purchase your own PC or laptop – in fact in this age, kids especially want to find freedom and independence.

From the earliest days of computer use for children is necessary to set time limits. So, for a child of 3 and 4years old the optimal time is 25 minutes, five or six year old child should not be allowed to use the computer longer than 35 minutes a day.

Older children “tear” on the computer more difficult, but it should be done. You cannot allow children 8-12 years old spend at the computer more than 1 hour a day, teenagers 16 years – more than 2 hours. At the same time be sure to teach children to perform visual exercises every half hour – this will help maintain good vision.
Do not let children sit at a computer in the gloom behind it, or be in a “curve” posture – all this leads to violations of children’s health. Prolonged exposure to the organism in an atypical posture may cause spinal curvature, and sitting in the dark and driving “nose” on the monitor screen can lead to a decrease in visual acuity.

Computers for children must be installed and located so that the child was comfortable with it. For this purpose buy suitable specialized computer chair with adjustable height and footrest. The monitor should be positioned so that its center was located just below eye level of the child. In this case the monitor should not distort colors.

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