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The Child And The Computer – Best Friends

August 22, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Children and computer are things inseparable in the modern world. It is foolish to argue with the fact that the computer has a positive influence on child development helping him to get used to the space of infinite peace, prepare for unexpected adventures and unexpected nuances of future adult life. However, in large quantities, the computer may harm the child so that the little man did not just lose all interest in the iron mentor or vice versa will become addicted of the computer, but much harm the computer will show to his mental and physical health.

Typically, the child begins to take an active interest in the computer already at 5-6 years. As it is known, you must be able to run literally everything from regulations on the own schedule of days and ending the lives of the favorite household. The first and major mistake of parents: uncontrolled access to the child’s computer games. Vivid graphics combined with cognitive games cannot justify the fact that the child spends 16 out of 24 hours staring at the flickering screen. Willingness to exchange for all calmness in the house and the belief that the child did not happen as long as he plays right next to the computer, eventually “come out sideways.” However, to limit the growing interest of the child to a computer is not very wise. After all, who knows, maybe you will become after all the parent of the young great programmer!

Before you start familiarizing the child with the world of computer space you need to pay attention to the “theoretical” part of the cognitive and modern toys next generation: how to keep the hands on the keyboard, how to sit while working at the computer, how accurately and more convenient to deal with the most popular user programs.

The kid has to learn to manage his own time, subjecting the computer at will. Get the child to see this victory of power strong man over the intricate wisdom of sophisticated equipment. While working with a computer it is better to start with 20 minutes a day, and certainly you have to begin acquaintance with the computer not using the example of the new blood “Shooter.”

The world is limitless, not only for our children. Every moment we spend with our kid trying to teach him how to use computers and, at the same time, teach him basic skills in governance, the computer should serve only to benefit. The dilemma of “child-computer” will never become obsolete.

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