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Computer In Children`s Life

August 25, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

The question over which experts in different years are fighting is the next: “good or bad is the computer for your child?” Of course, to give a definite answer is impossible, it is too multifaceted. You can only try to understand the problem, examine it from different angles.

The gulf of generations
When trying to find the answer to the question immediately one after another lined up all the new questions: “How to start dating a child with a computer?”, “At what age should generally start dating?”, “How to determine which programs work permit your baby? “,” Let it be the Internet ?”…
Too much has changed over the past two decades. Our parents, who lived most of their life in a crumbling empire now, in the years of youth even in a nightmare could not imagine the changes that occur in the late twentieth century society, technology and everyday life. Maybe I only think, but the current generation (“Born in the USSR” shortly before its collapse or later) will be different to treat their children. Last, most of them, wary of not only computers but also to ATMs. This does not indicate stupidity or inferiority of previous generations. This feature of the trouble, is reckoned with and reconciled. Many of them have coped with the changes, but many were unable to adjust to a new wondrous world of technology and electronics. We cannot understand how to not be able to use touch-tone phone or remote control. Our children will also be surprise negligence and dullness of their “ancestors”, the eternal conflict of the ancient fathers and children is not going anywhere. But the above-mentioned gap will narrow considerably.

Our children will be the next generation that will grow in the world of mobile phones, computers and flat screen monitors. In our life, they appear gradually in their life they go from birth. We did not particularly surprise year-old baby with an interest in computer technology. Here is a quote from a forum where young mothers talk: “My child is already being stretched to the computer. For our grandparents it’s generally not a child and not even a monster, but something quite transcendent, inaccessible to human reason.

The older generation likes to read the article in the tabloid press about the “bad-bad computers, which infect the children a terrible disease – gambling.” But we perfectly understand what our parents do not want to recognize: the problem is not the computer – the problem is in themselves. In their reluctance to educate their children. How easy it is to lead the child by the hand to the luminous tempting to monitor (before it was replaced on the TV) and leave there – not to get underfoot. It does not matter what he does, the main thing – do not distract from the more interesting cases. And then they complain about the bad machines that “spoil” children.

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