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Is The Computer Useful Today?

August 25, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

What can be said at this point of view in which we live? In today’s dynamic world of computer technology we have global development. Computer technology was allowed to us now to solve the difficulties encountered, even from the comfort of your home, about, order a pizza at home. Given all computers today are closely joined in our lives, work and time, paper-based information out quite a while in the well-forgotten past.

For certain people the personal computer has its own purpose. According to statistics the PC may have a stronger specialization for a particular circle of people. I would like to highlight some of the more or less with the values of them:

The computer is designed in such a way that it becomes an object for entertainment and fun.

Behind a computer you can spend your leisure time. What is the benefit in this case, we can bring this “TV” with the buttons? While working at the computer, people can relieve fatigue and stress obtained in the real world. It can replace us and the TV, watching videos, television programs and music center, listening to music, radio, and serves as a means of viewing photos, and more. A special pleasure can bring video games that are constantly being upgraded and transformed into a real reality. In fact, the computer can not represent a complete interest, if it is not connected to the Internet. On the Internet you can download anything you want – music, movies, free software for a computer, books, and many more good things.

Computer is solely for work.

The item I would like to split into two parts: 1. Working on a computer is connected to the Internet. 2. All work is performed only on the computer.

In the first case, as it is already clear, all work is done online, ie require mandatory connection to the computer network. Existing methods of earning on the Internet give us the opportunity to gain financial independence in real life. Having access to the Internet we opened a lot of features, such as job search, job done in order to learn, for example, how to make your website and earn in the future and much more. Conclusion – the Internet does not give fewer opportunities for earnings than real life.

The work on the computer is that all the office work you can just bring home and carry it home in a cozy atmosphere. Internet connection is not required. Here, meaning, work is with office and multimedia applications.

Computer`s role of communication between people.

The computer today is widespread in the field of communication: – e-mails. – Internet-pager (through special programs, such as Icq, by which the message reaches all over the world in seconds). – IP-telephony and video..

In conclusion I would like to note that the computer is a remarkable invention of man, by which mankind is much accelerated pace of growth and production.

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