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Should You Fix Your System Registry Manually By Yourself?

November 10, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

Unless you are a skilled computer engineer who knows the ins and outs of the computer’s system registry then the answer to the above question would definitely be ‘no’.
The PC’s registry is the nerve centre of your computer. It is an immense database that stores the files and settings that your operating system and hardware need in order to function. It is extremely complex and can be made very unstable if tampered with by a novice. Even a minor misapplication could make your PC irreversibly unuseable. This of course is an expensive outcome.

Computer registry problems can appear in many ways, some are not so obvious as others. Slow speed and performance, erratic application startups and freezes are all symptoms of registry problems. If left unattended then they will become worse, leading to your PC blue screening or not even booting up. Baring in mind that the registry effectively keeps your PC and operating system working in harmony then you will need to find another way to fix the registry.

Of course you could take it to a computer engineer but this would cost a small fortune, and to be honest the engineer would probably utilize the same application as you could use yourself. Using a decent registry cleaner is one of the most simpliest applications you can use with probably the best outcome for your PC. Not only will it fix your system registry but it will optimize the running of it aswell.

Using the registry cleaner is very simple and easy. There are many to be found on the internet and they are all downloadable. A decent registry cleaner will backup your computer’s system registry as a precautionary measure just in case there is a power failure or the PC crashes. If the registry has had a backup created then it can be restored to it’s previous state. This is an absolute must. If the registry cleaner you have found does not have a backup and restore facility then do not use it.

After this process it will meticulously scan your system registry for the registry problems and errors and list them all. It will then clean the registry. This process consists of defragmenting the system registry, deleting obsolete files and mending the corrupt files that are there. It will also get rid of any virus and spyware related errors and in total this procedure will sort out your registry problems.

It is that simple. With a couple of clicks of your mouse the registry cleaner will clean your system registry and make those irritating performance problems and system freezing a thing of the past. Apply the cleaning software periodically to keep your registry optimized to it’s full potential.

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