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iPod Contest/Giveaway!

December 05, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: freebies, iPhone/iPod

I found this link to an iPod Giveaway on a computer help forum. Read the rules… no spam, etc. Looks like they are giving away 2 of the old style iPod shuffles. One for the most posts this month, and the other for most referrals. Might be a nice present for someone… check it out.

iPod Giveaway

Gift Card Ideas for the Holidays

November 19, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: freebies

You may want to check out one of our partner sites for the holiday gift cards. You may also use the promo code “pumpkin” to get $2 off per coupon! Offer expires 11/25.

I recommend our readers check this site. Many gift card site are not as good as you think. Hidden fees, expiration dates, can really take away from the value. I’ve checked out this site and the reviews are good. We’ll be reviewing many other sites in the next few weeks with our featured partners, and will show the good, bad, and ugly. Stay tuned and we’ll hope to save you some money over the holiday season.