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Microsoft Training Sites

December 15, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

As an IT professional, I know firsthand the importance of quality IT training. Both new product training and ongoing support training are crucial for me to be successful at my job. The same is true for almost any profession these days. Even the most entry level job still requires some sort of computer and software use. I’ll been to many training sites over the years with many different companies. I believe one of the best computer training companies I’ve seen is Brainstorm, Inc. I had the chance to check out their course catalog and they have an excellent selection of computer and software training. I find the quick start cards very useful for new employees coming into the company. Even if the new employee is computer illiterate they can still learn the basics in a very short time with these quick start guides. The site also offers some free tips and tricks (just like this site) for different software and operating systems. Remember – if you know where to look you can really find great information online. No need to travel anymore to get quality computer and/or software training. I’d encourage everyone to check out Brainstorm, Inc’s website for computer training. They are one of the best companies I’ve seen online that gives quality training at an affordable price. Check them out here — learn microsoft access

Two-Way Messaging with GPS

December 10, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Mobile, Personal IT

Did you know you can actually send 2-way messages with your GPS? But there is only one company out there that can wrap it around your mobile devices – NavTrak. It connects your dispatcher to all of your mobile devices. If you or your company uses 2-way radio and GPS devices you may want to check out this product here Two-way Messaging with GPS.

Just another piece of technology to make your life and job easier!

Gmail Tips and Tricks

September 09, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT


Many of us like to work with the shortcuts while using any kind of computer related work (be it designing or chatting or simply creating document). It can be said without a doubt that using the shortcut keys, the efficiency and productivity of a user increases a lot by saving on the time that needs to be spent doing the same work manually.

And this amazing feature is provided by Gmail as well, but in order to use it, it has to be enabled first. On the top of the webpage, towards the right, click on the link “Settings” and a general tab will open up. Now check the keyboard Shortcuts and click on the radio button. This will enable the shortcuts and they can be used instantly. Here is a complete list of all the shortcut keys (for the beginners, intermediate and even advance level) as I am already using it and hope you will have their benefit too.

Let’s see some of the general ones first:

A (a): If you desire to send reply to all the recipients of any message, then press SHIFT+a that will open a new window with all the recipients so that you can instantly send mail. But for this, pop ups need to be enables. (work only in conversation mode)

C (c): SHIFT+ c opens a new window to compose a fresh mail.

E (e): To archive any single or multiple mails (by selecting them), press e.

Q (q): Use this to move cursor to chat search box.

F (f): SHIFT+f opens a new window with mail to be forwarded. (work only in conversation mode)

N (n): Use this to move cursor to next message. (work only in conversation mode)

P (p): Use this to move cursor to previous message. (work only in conversation mode)

R (r): Press SHIFT+ r for replying sender. (work only in conversation mode)

Y (y): When in inbox, use this to archive; for starred, use it to remove stars; when in trash, use it to move to Inbox; for removing any label use this to remove it; it doesn’t have nay effect in Spam, Sent, All Mail.

I (i): Use this to move to next oldest conversation.

K (k): Use this to move cursor to the most recent conversation.

S (s): This will star the particular conversation or message.

O (o): Use this to open a new conversation. (also used to collapse or expand message)

X (x): Use this to select first conversation or message.

Z (z): Use this to undo previous action (work only if Undo option is present on top)

/ : use this to move cursor to search box.

! : Use this to mark any message as Sam and remove it from Inbox.

(.) Period: Use this to open a drop-down menu for More Actions

? : use this to see keyboard shortcuts help menu.

# : Use this to move conversation to Trash.

[ : Use this to archive current conversation and automatically move to previous one.

] : Use this to archive current conversation and automatically move to next one.

CTRL+ s: Use this to save any composed message as draft. (work only in editing mode)

SHIFT+i: Use this for marking message as Read and automatically move to next one.

SHIFT+u: Use this to mark any message as unread.

Hope this information will prove helpful to all the readers.

Positives of Virtual Private Network

September 01, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Positives of Virtual Private Network

Back in the early days, the Virtual Private Networks were confined only to the corporate world. With the developments and advancements in the infrastructure, the connectivity improved across the continents enhanced and the introduction of broadband to the residential areas helped in better establishing the virtual private network industry. This concept is available as commonly as the day to day email or bank services. The catch here is that setting up the whole thing including the server for virtual private network is not required by you. The account or in particular a VPN slot can be easily bought or hired.

The entire data is transmitted in encrypted form through either of the L2TP or PPTP over the protocols IPSec, thereby opening the access to blocked websites and ports and ascertaining the online surfing anonymously. Hence, for a layman, it simply indicates:

1. Surfing anonymously
2. Opening the world wide blocked VOIP
3. Supporting the businesses of calling cards
4. Anywhere online gaming facility from around the world
5. Anywhere TV programs facilities from any place and many more features.

But there is also a flip side to the virtual private network. With the increase in popularity of VPN, a number of companies are entering this field with very little knowledge of VPN servers or technical issues in hand which prove to be a hassle for the client. While on the other hand, various websites proposes absolute peace of mind by providing setup and technical support for virtual private network and lets you take care of other affairs. To top this up, you just have to pay a small percent of your everyday’s sales therefore not worrying about monthly costs related to servers. This actually means that there is no pre-defined expense that is required to establish such a profitable business.

What’s the latest in Computer Technology?

August 31, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

What’s the latest in Computer Technology?

Have you ever seen the inside of your computer? By any chance, if you have peeked while the technician or vendor was installing any of the components, then you might have thought of it as a machine of threats. But getting acquainted gradually with various components of a computer system will make things quite easier. Present computers are a setup of approximately eight different parts, while the advanced versions may have additional number of components. Even at the beginner’s level, you must have a basic knowledge about these fundamental components of your system. So let us get started with your system.

Foremost is the supply of power. It is very important as without it, the electricity will not be supplied to all the other components of your system. It is generally a rectangle shaped compartment and is mainly placed in a corner of your system. To make sure of this component, search the path of the power cable and see where the plug is in the rear of your system. And there it is. The supply of power is mainly calculated in watts with an increment of 50 watts (500,550,600 etc).

Then there is the Motherboard. Every individual component of your system is connected to this part, but still it must not be considered as the brain of the system. It does embrace the brain and is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain with every other peripheral of the computer.

Third very vital part is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and this is known as the brain of your machine. Nothing can happen if this component goes missing. Every major to minor calculation is processed inside this part. The activation, control and proper operation of every other unit in co-ordination with each other is also the responsibility of CPU. Lesser the time taken by CPU to calculate and deliver the accurate answers, better and quicker will be the performance of your machine. The measurement is in Gigahertz (Ghz) and CPUs faster than 3.8 Ghz are now available.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is at the fourth place. It is used as a temporary storage for the work being done on the system. RAM is of different types with varying speeds, but it must be ensured that RAM matches the configuration of the motherboard for its effective operation.

Hard drive is the fifth component which is a permanent storage for all your data. Data can be the operating system (required), various softwares, games, audio and video files etc. with the passage of time, the capacity of hard drive has increased tremendously from 20 MB to more than 500 GB. This enables you to store libraries of games, videos, pictures, applications, documents etc. Of course you can choose the one suiting your requirements.

Cooling fan comes at the sixth place. Generally the system is loaded with a single cooling fan but it can have more than one fan too. Its working is similar to that of a coolant in the car. It is responsible to remove the heat that is generated by your system’s other components so that nothing gets broken because of overheating. No wonders the fan does make noise but it must be tolerated as cooling fan helps preventing damage to delicate parts.

Seventh component is actually a blend of multiple devices. These include CD-DVD Drives, Floppy Drive and other devices used for taking backups (External Hard drives etc).

Last but not the least is the processor. Latest ones provide various features like enhanced performance, easy multitasking, highly increased productivity and elevated processing speed. At present the notebooks and desktop PCs put forth the never before seen or experienced excellence, consistency and great performance. These computers have faster execution, less response time, sleek and attractive designs to offer and this surely help to keep the user better informed, entertained and creative. This advanced technology enables you to get what you desire in tailor-made fashion. The processors of next generation are Dual-Core, Core™2 Duo and Quad-Core processor.

Blu-Ray – The New Digital Video Standard

August 26, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Blu-Ray – The New Digital Video Standard

All those who are acquainted with storing large data in compact space and rewriting, recording and play back of high definition video, must be knowing about this technology. Whenever a comparison between the capacities of traditional DVD is made with the Blu-Ray, it is worth mentioning that the latter offers up to 5 times more capacity. This is the reason for beyond compare high definition video provided to the consumer. It is actually the blue laser which craft Blu-ray disk that makes use of short wave length which is more defined and focused to permit more data on the disk.

Blu Ray

Blu-ray is actually provided in some 200 electronic devices which include various basic and regularly used systems like music, computers, video games etc. And the increase in popularity gives the credit to film industry which includes Disney, Fox, Paramount etc that are using this technology in abundance. And the experience of audiences speaks for the high definition audio and video and interactivity.

To employ the interactive menus with this technology, Java is used for the disks. This has enabled the users to add various other contents like subtitle languages, updates and other promotional characteristics via internet. This technology is advancing continuously and with the increase in demand, the prices will slash down, thereby making it possible for almost everyone to use this technology on regular basis at affordable price. Its following an age old trend of replacing the old technologies with high definition contents to offer along with superior technology, being the latest in the list with cassettes, CDs, DVDs as a part of this list.

This technology has shown an increase during the last 5 years and will continue doing so in future as well.