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Essential Tools A Webmaster Must Have

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

If you are a webmaster and actively marketing your webpage, there are certain tools that you absolutely cannot go without. The important tools for a webmaster is what the focus of this article will be. These tools are used to check rank, pagerank, and other important data. Link checker, HTML validator, pagerank checker, and website analyzer are the tools we need to check pagerank.

Let’s discuss the first tool which is a website analyzer. A website analyzer can do a lot for your internet business efforts. Learning if your site is properly coded is very important. If there are problems with your website it can hurt your user experience and search engine rankings. You might not even realize that your website is screwed up and not working properly. A website analyzer will help you identify things that should be corrected and you can take the appropriate steps.

You should be using a link checker to make sure your links are correct. You can correct your broken links, but first you’ll need to find them with a link checker. You need to make sure that your links are fixed. If you want to measure your linkbuilding efforts you can also use a backlink checker. You can learn exactly how many websites are linking to yours when you use one of the many backlink checkers that are available.

It is very important that you use an HTML validator. When you are building a website there are certain standards that you should follow. Making sure you have proper code is part of these standards. HTML is not the only language that this applies to. With an html validator you can make sure that all of your code is written correctly and make sure that your website is functioning properly.

An internal pagerank checker is another tool that you should use. How well a website ranks in the search engine has something to do with internal link structure. Internal pages send link juice to each other and you will know how much by utilizing this tool. You can take this data and make sure you are getting the highest amount of linkjuice you need.

A website spellchecker is the last tool I want to touch on. It’s amazing how many sites have poor spelling and grammar on their websites. Always use a spellchecker so you can maintain your professional image.

You can make sure that your website is functioning properly and looks nice with all of these tools. Every webmaster should have these tools as they are very important to your success. For more information on website spell checker or website analysis click the link.

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Webmaster Resources – Backlinks

March 05, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

Webmaster Resources

Topic: What are Back-Links?

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Back-links also known as Inbound Links, come either from pages on other domains or from other pages on your own website. Originally inbound links were important as a primary means of web navigation because there were no search engines but today their main purpose is to drive traffic towards your site and their main significance is how they effect your search engine optimization. The quantity of back-links is an off-page factor used by search engines to rank a website’s natural search results for a particular search term or in other words some search engines use back-link as an indicator towards the popularity of a site. Firstly one of the most important things to realise is that because search engines are text based, good search engine optimization would be to incorporate page-content-relative anchor text in the placement of your back-link through which you should hope for targeted visitors. Secondly the quantity and quality of these back-links represent the most important factor in determining a site’s Page Rank

Natural Back-Links

Natural back-links are just what they sound like. Through the passing of time other websites lay down links to your site because they think your website worthy of mention. These are the best kind of links. They cost you nothing, are usually relative to the sending sites content and are highly regarded by search engines because they come from sites that are not known to be sellers of back-links.

Commercial Back-Links

So back-links are big industry and a commercial goldmine (or landmine). To those websites who have already achieved high PR ranking, they can sell specifically placed links to lower ranked websites and usually do so at quite a high price. These links do help your PR ranking if they are from content relevant web pages. Moreover they can bring your website good traffic, but at a cost which you have to weigh up. Some of the more advanced search engines are aware of linking farms, websites that sell links, and actually penalise your website for using these services. So a s a general rule try not to end up with links coming from a list on some irrelevant blog.

So the real trick is building back-links that are relevant, and also that come from websites or blogs that have a high PR ranking. We have found that often if a search engine such as Google finds a back-link of 2 or more PR points higher than your own, it will increase your chances of an upgrade of your own PR to 2 points lower than that website. For this reason try to aim for “relevant” back-links from sites that have a PR rank two points higher than your own or more. The more you have the more likely your rank will increase and as a natural result your web traffic will also increase.

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Add Stickiness To Your Site With Online Poll And Survey Widgets

March 03, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

In my article last week, I talked about using free online poll services and having them on our websites or blog sites to attract visitors. The most common type of widget consists of mutually exclusive radio buttons and lets voters select one answer from a few choices. A more advanced widget allows for checkboxes in which voters can check more than one items for a specific question. I also mentioned one site ( that stands out among others because it also offers poll widgets that allow for the use of text boxes and dropdown menus.

If you are serious about your poll results, you may wish to prevent your poll from being taken by a voter more than one times. There are many methods that can be used for this. However, some approaches require users to register first in order to take a vote. They are more geared toward having a formal survey or test, and are impractical to be used in a poll widget. Excluding those methods that require registration, two ways are suitable for using in poll widgets – web cookies or IP addresses.

A web cookie is a piece of data resided in user’s computer. After a voter takes a poll, the widget sets a cookie to indicate the poll has been taken so it cannot be taken again. A cookie can have an expiration date so the poll widget can use that to allow a user to retake a poll after a certain period if that is desired. This is a very simple way to prevent multiple voting, but there are a few problems with it. First, a cookie is bound to a machine (to be more specific-to a browser.) If more than one person is sharing one machine then all together they just get one vote. Second, if a voter uses multiple browsers, for example, having both Internet Explorer and Firefox programs, then he/she can vote multiple times. The other problem is that a savvy user can just disable the use of cookie from his/her browser or reset the cookie to get away from being limited. Although practically not too many people may be doing things like that, we know technically cookies can be easily bypassed.

A more sophisticated way of preventing multiple voting is by using the IP address. An IP address is a unique numeric ID used for identifying computers or devices connected to the Internet. After a user takes a poll, the widget records the IP address of the user and saves that information to a list on the server. Whenever a voter casts a vote, the widget checks the list first to determine whether that same IP address already exists to prevent multiple voting that way. Since this information is stored on the server side instead of on the voter’s computer, voters cannot temper with that information the way they can with the web cookie. However, such a mechanism puts a great burden on the server that offers the poll widget because it needs to save and compare information for each and every vote. For this reason, there are not too many widgets or survey websites that provide this option.

Other than preventing people from making multiple votes, you might also wish to prevent a script (computer program) from messing with your polls. If you plan to use the result of your polls for more than just for entertainment purposes, blocking scripts can be a good idea since they can cast large numbers of votes in a very short period of time and dramatically affect the poll results. Script blocking can be achieved easily by putting a CAPTCHA on the widget. This is a type of challenge-response test used to block non-human (i.e., the script) users. It is usually in the form of displaying a distorted word and requiring users to identify the word. Another format for this is to display a randomly generated, simple question like “What is two plus two?” and ask users to respond. Be aware that a CAPTCHA on the poll does require a little more involvement from the voter so it can discourage votes. However, I guess the quality of the result must be higher because now more votes come from people who really wish to participate instead of from those who just cast votes for fun.

IP address logging and CAPTCHA are advanced features. These types of functions usually are supported in formal surveys, tests and questionnaires instead of in poll widgets. Up until now I have found only one vendor, that offers such options with free poll widgets.

In the next topic, I am going to talk about viewing reports on poll results. Until then, happy polling.

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What To Avoid Doing When Making A Website

December 08, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

Everyday there are hundreds of websites being published, many of them set out to failure from the beginning. People buy domain names, hosting accounts and then load some content into a CMS and expect success. It takes way more than that to become successful in an industry with the competition we have. When building a website do not expect to become rich overnight, do not expect thousands of people visiting your website within couple weeks. It is not impossible but your chances are compared to none.

First thing is first, choose a good topic to start a website about. Don’t write about “how to make a money making website” if you have never had a website that made money. You are going to be spending a lot of time on this website, so pick a good topic you won’t get bored giving you time to. Write about something you are really passionate about, you favorite football team? TV show? Something you’re really good at? I would advise you to definitely be unique, do not start a website about random things. Like, for example, do not have a website called and write about “teeth whitening” and “Arsenal vs. Man. United” at the same website. It’s better off if you stick to one topic and go from there.

Another thing is that people rush; you aren’t going to be ranking up top on Search Engines right away. Give it some time, allow your site to work its way up, let it prove itself to top search engines like Google and Yahoo. In the meantime, do some work on your website, make sure the design is” SEO friendly.” Avoid having random things scattered all around your website.

Avoid copy and paste content. Those people write them articles and/or content with hard work, they gave their time into it, you should be able to do this too. Write unique content, don’t steal other peoples work. Nobody likes this, including Google. You will get punished for copying other people’s material. It’s that simple. You can visit How to start a website for step by step on how to start a website easy and right.

Do a lot of link exchanging, try getting good quality backlinks. DON’T trade links with garbage websites. Make sure you’re not trading links with non-quality websites. Remember your references will determine your spot on Google. The websites Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank, just do some research on it.

I like making websites. So I did a website on how to make websites. I like to write articles on this website and keep it up to date, whenever something comes to my mind I go with excitement to my computer to write an article, it should be the same for you. So chose your topic wisely. Make sure it’s something you’re going to love spending time on. For more useful information like this visit: Start-a-Site.Com

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Webmaster Forums – Goldmine For Webmasters

August 11, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

Learning web technologies is not a big deal–anybody can do it. To create the first website you need no special knowledge. Many beginners start with some tutorial and after short preparation they have a working site. Creating a blog or personal website is the first step–it is up to you what plans you have and what you are willing to learn. The beauty of the web and websites is that all the information, resources and knowledge is available–on the web!

Maybe the most important tool you will use is the web search. Most likely you will use Google because it returns relevant results for any search query. This way you can find the answer to any question. If you are a beginner you will sooner or later encounter some problem. The easiest way to find a solution is to use Google to find what solutions have other people used for similar or the same problem. You need to be patient, maybe you will not find the answer on the first page. Try also to modify search phrase according to the results. It may happen that you are not asking the right question.

Another great source of information about internet, web and internet marketing are webmaster forums. Users of such forums are webmasters and other people interested in web technologies. They use forums to exchange information, to publish findings, to ask for help and to help others. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced webmaster, you should be member of at least one such forum.

The first and the most important reason is that by being a member you can track new messages and this way you will be informed about anything important to website owners. If you are an internet marketer then having right information can improve your earnings. Webmaster forums are also the first place where you will learn about changes in ranking algorithms, great places to promote your website, ways to attract visitors, etc.

At webmaster forum you will also read about problems other people have and if you know the solution you can post it here and share your knowledge with others. On the other hand, it may happen to you that someday you will have a problem. Is there any better way to find a solution than to ask the question in a community of experts?

Becoming a member of the forum is pretty easy. All you have to do is to register yourself and after you confirm the email address you become a member. You will not become a real webmaster unless you actively participate in at least one forum.

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Inexpensive Websites Design And Style Tools

June 04, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

When going into the realm of web business, a stunning web page demonstration is actually of the utmost importance. Just like a face-to-face achieving, you should offer your visitors with your greatest first effect. Website design is a important element of advertising in relation to marketing and sales. The majority of us tend to be on a tight budget, making a powerful nevertheless very affordable website design a necessity.

Inexpensive site design can be accomplished possibly by carrying out all the work by yourself, or even contracting with experts. You may do a few of the work yourself.

To accomplish the very best job possible, you need a little knowledge involving Html code as well as Cascading stylesheet, in conjunction with artwork and website-building products. The Build-it-yourself way of constructing your site may take much longer as compared to you would possibly first consider. Perhaps you’re good using visual design however should engage an internet site engineer or content writer. Complete the things you know, and employ the skills of a professional as important. This way you maximize benefits as well as reduce tremendous expense. Very affordable internet site design is within your grasp and may even become just be the additional boost your organization requires.

The the best possible reasonable web site design ought to handle every aspect of your web site. Color possibilities and visual attractiveness using efficient images is going to be a major element in deciding the span of time your visitor browses your internet site.

Don’t overload your web site with complicated or huge pictures. These types of pictures will result in sluggish loading time, causing customers to become impatient, browsing away from your internet site.

If you are planning to market on the internet, you will require shopping cart application as well as an approach to process secure on the internet sales. You’ll find few site visitors who will trouble themselves to send a cheque for your product or services.

Some of these shopping carts, like Angora, are formatted in Perl, a somewhat more complicated scripting language. When hiring a web page design service, ensure that they’re skilled in languages such as this. Worthwhile cost-effective site design provider will probably assess the programs you’ll need prior to they start out function.

If you are not a skilled web designer yourself, consult your internet site designer to compare and calculate database dimensions your website will demand. If you buy an internet internet hosting with an inadequate number of MB, you may be frustrated to find your much larger web site can’t be held on the hosting service’s little storage space allotment.Hostgator offers unlimited hosting for your domains.Use coupon code hostgator to enjoy unlimited hosting for 0.01 dollars for30 days.

Your goal of an reasonable internet site design is best served by seriously studying your personal expertise and passing along over to an expert those tasks you do not enjoy performing or just simple hardly understand. All the best on your new endeavor!

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