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The Windows Blue Screen Is A Critical Windows System Error. Reasons And Solutions For A Very Common PC Problem.

May 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

The blue screen of death is the term used for when the Windows operating system has encountered a serious and critial system error. It is a common Windows problem and can seem quite threatening if you have never seen it before. The blue screen displays the error codes and messages that has caused your PC to shut down to stop it gaining critical damage.

There are many Windows blue screen causes as follows:

Registry corruption, viruses, hardware failures, device driver incompatibilities and resource conflicts are some of the more common problems. Some issues are easier to solve and rectify than others. But firstly, try to obtain some information from the message displayed on the blue screen. For example, if a .sys file is mentioned within the script then this indicates that there is a driver issue. When you restart your computer go to your ‘Device Manager’ (within the ‘Control Panel’) to see whether there are any warnings for an incompatible or outdated device driver. If there is, disable the driver to see whether this solves it.

You can also view the Windows ‘Event Log’ to narrow down the issues listed on your blue screen. Read the errors that are shown here to help eliminate the causes. The ‘Event Log’ is found via the ‘Control Panel’ – ‘Administration Tools’ – then ‘Computer Management’.

This may all sound complex but sometimes computer problems are not easy to solve. Run a virus check on your system to see whether any malware has wormed it’s way in to your PC. Viruses can seriously cause harm to your computer so make sure that your antivirus software is of a decent standard.

A corrupted registry over time will cause your PC to have a blue screen. Install a registry repair tool to resolve your system registry problems. A registry cleaner is a fantastic piece of software that not only cleans and tidies up your registry but after doing so, will keep your PC running to it’s optimum performance and speed. The Windows registry is the nerve centre of your system so maintaining this component will seriously look after the functioning of your PC.

Make sure that you have the latest Windows update. The Windows operating system is constantly being upgraded to keep on top of technology so follow suit and update it when asked. The same is asked for when you install new hardware. Make sure that it has the latest device driver. Outdated drivers create havoc with your PC leading to many problems – the bluescreen being just one of them. Check within the ‘Device Manager’ to see if any warning signs have appeared indicating device driver problems. If there are, then disable or uninstall the driver to see whether the Windows blue screen stops appearing.

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