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Windows Phone 7 – A New Operating System For Smartphones

January 14, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

During July 2010, Microsoft previewed to the press a beta stage development of their latest operating system that would hopefully be able to directly compete with Apples iOS4, Google’s Android 2.2 and subsequent 2.3, and other mobile phone operating systems. In October and November 2010, the final version of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 version 1.0 was released to the general public on a variety of handsets from a number of manufacturers.

For the new operating system, Microsoft had decided that the previous Windows Mobile platform had reached the end of its life and terminated development in favor of an all new system. With WP7, Microsoft decided to target the consumer market solely, as opposed to the enterprise market that Windows Mobile was previously aimed at. This meant that more had to be done to support popular and fashionable functions such as social networking support and touch screen capability, which it seems it has achieved.

What makes the Windows Phone 7 operating system so good is its fantastic visual interface that is just as easy to use as competing operating systems from Google and Apple. Page transitions are fast and smooth and it is able to integrate compatibility with Microsoft’s Xbox Live and the Microsoft Zune entertainment platform and portable music player. WP7 also uses social networking functions to great effect, with the ability to be in constant synchronization with your Hotmail, Google, Facebook and of course MSN contacts, plus emails and notifications from each.

Some reports have suggested that Microsoft have been working on an updated mobile phone platform since 2004 but each one has been scrapped and some even being adapted into Windows Mobile updates. It has been confirmed, though, that in actual fact the Windows Phone 7 OS has only been in development for a relatively short period since 2008, when Microsoft first recognized that the Windows Mobile platform needed too much work. Ultimately this has meant that although it is a great OS, WP7 is still at least a years development behind Android and iOS4.

To sum up, the Windows Phone 7 operating system is a great looking platform that is easy to use and access, with very good multi-tasking capabilities compared to the competition and very efficient processor utilization but ultimately lacking in most other areas. What makes up for this is that WP7 is a great starting point for future updates to iron out these small problems and Microsoft seem to be committed to their new platform. So although it may seem that right now WP7 can not quite compete with Android and iOS4, it looks like it will not be long before it can.

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What You Need To Know About Windows Phone 7

December 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft, as everyone knows by now, is a major player in technological pursuits. The company has made its presence felt in the realm of smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system. Found on several models of handsets, Windows Phone is an operating system and experience all of its own. The latest version is Windows Phone 7, and here are some things to expect from it.

Several regions of the world experienced the launch of Windows Phone 7 in November of 2010. The user interface found on 7 is known as Metro. Microsoft has dubbed the home screen the Start screen, a title familiar to those who have Windows on their PC. On the Start screen is a series of Tiles, buttons that act almost like thumbnailed widgets. They provide links to applications, email clients, and many other customizable functions and features. Tiles experience real time updates, making for instantaneous email flags and stock quotes among other alerts. Tiles can be added, deleted, and rearranged according to the user’s needs.

On Windows Phone 7, organizational tools known as Hubs combine functions and features with similar traits into groups. Content found both locally and online are integrated with social network sites like Facebook and Windows Live. Contacts found on Gmail, Facebook, and Windows Live are gathered together by what is known as the People Hub, creating a single place from which to update and organize all of these contacts. Another hub is the Video and Music Hub and it integrates with Zune to accommodate multimedia activities. The style and operation of the Hub is reminiscent of Zune itself. For gaming, the Games Hub integrates with Xbox LIVE. Windows Phone 7 also features Windows Phone Marketplace and Microsoft Office.

The browser on Windows Phone 7 is a version of Internet Explorer Mobile that has been described as a hybrid of IE7 and IE8. Specific sites can be placed on the Start screen in the form of a Tile and six tabs running parallel to one another are supported by the browser. Pages are shared with others using email and the browser can perform inline searching tasks. Flash Player 10.1 will soon be offered by Adobe on Windows Phone 7 phones. Users of Windows Phone 7 handsets can steam YouTube video, and the Video and Music Hub can store them.

Windows Phone 7 is made for combining multimedia with cell phone functions in an easy to use and slick package. Customer favorites were considered when creating the OS. The result is an enjoyable smartphone experience for those who want more out of a cell phone.

IPhone 4 – How Good Is It?

August 28, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

A few short years ago, Apple sat on top of the smartphone world relatively unchallenged. As time has passed, other manufacturers have pumped money into their own development programs and closed the gap considerably between Apple’s flagship iPhone and their own handsets. In an attempt to stand head and shoulders above the competition once more, Apple has unleashed the iPhone 4.

One of the changes found in the iPhone 4 is on the inside of the phone. The iPhone 4’s predecessor, the 3GS contained a Samsung-based Cortex CPU. This has been replaced by Apple’s own A4 chip, the same one used by the iPad. The iPhone 4 does not quite speed along at the same rate as the 1GHz available to the iPad, but it is still more than fast enough. It brings up graphics quickly and navigates seamlessly. Those who find it too slow are likely looking for something to complain about.

Those quickly-rendered graphics are displayed on a 3.5 inch screen with 960 x 640 pixel resolution. Combine that with a mind-numbing 326 ppi pixel density and you have a display that is absolutely second to none. The incredible resolution makes up for any shortcomings in size, and it has even earned the name of Retina Display. It is so named due to the claim that it presents graphics in more detail than the human eye is able to distinguish. It may seem like overkill to present clarity that the user can’t see anyway, but at least consumers need not worry about a less than stellar display. In fact, many testes of the iPhone 4 have stated that the Retina Display easily provides the sharpest images they’ve yet seen.

With a display so sharp, one would hope that Apple has improved on the rather weak 3 megapixel camera found on older models. They have, as the iPhone 4 features a 5 megapixel camera with a backside-illuminated sensor that is more light-sensitive. The LED flash is one of the smaller sizes and can blow out some photos, but the iPhone takes terrific photos in low light and without a flash.

Finally, Apple has decided that it is time to produce a phone that allows multitasking. Though not backgrounding in the strictest sense of the word, the iPhone lets some APIs that imitate backgrounding to run simultaneously. Critics will cry foul, but for regular, everyday users, it is just fine. Until now, Apple has stated that their smartphones would suffer battery drain by performing multitasking. The iPhone 4 has cleared up any potential issue here, as it has been known to produce almost 40 hours of normal use in some tests.

Apple has once again set the bar in smartphone technology with the iPhone 4. With its unmatched Retina Display and high performance, the iPhone has placed Apple first in many consumers’ minds. Customers will be more than pleased with what the iPhone 4 has to offer.

A Look At The IPhone 4

July 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The 3.5 inch ‘Retina’ IPS LCD display really stands out on the new iPhone 4. It boasts an overall display resolution of 960×640 pixels and 326 pixels per inch. In plain language, no other cell phone available on the current market provides resolution nearly this high, which means you have never seen an image this clear on a mobile device.

Due to the longer battery life, you will no longer have to be irritated by the low battery alert all day – compared to the iPhone 3G, this battery lasts 40% longer, and can last up to 300 hours in standby mode. Both the iPhone 4 and the iPad share the same processor, so you know it is powerful. With the help of this powerful core, you will have the fastest smartphone on the market.

The operating system has also been revamped from the iPhone OS 4.0 to the smoothly running iOS 4. Perhaps most pleasing to iPhone users will be the ability to multitask various applications while using their smartphone. Apple has stated that the new operating system has allowed the enhancement of approximately 1500 features on the new iPhone. Previously, a user had to stop iTunes playback in order to check their email – but now the user can listen to music and check email at the same time. Users will also be able to organize and create iTunes folders on the go and will even have the ability to tap into Apple’s emerging iBooks application.

Apple made huge advancements in the iPhone 4’s camera functions, which often received complaints as being inferior to the Apple standard that users expected. In addition to capturing 5.0 megapixel images, the iPhone can also record high definition video at an astonishing 720p. Another notable feature that Apple included is the ability to make video calls to other users. The application – named “Face Time” – is an attribute that no other smartphone company has released.

If you sign up for a two year contract, you can get the iPhone 4 for the more than reasonable price of $200. A service provider might be able to give you a better deal though, so be sure to shop around for different prices. The Internet is a great place to compare and contrast prices, and you can do so in less than a minute using a price comparison site.

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IPhone 4 : An Overview

July 27, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Compared to all the other smartphones on the market right now, nothing beats the iPhone 4. Its new design is even almost a quarter thinner than the previous model, the iPhone 3GS, and narrower to boot, meaning it will take up less space in your pocket. Though they weigh about the same, at 136 grams, the overall dimensions make it a sleeker phone than previous models in the line.

While these enhancements alone are enough to justify upgrading to the Apple iPhone 4, they have thrown in even more convenient features for the discerning customer. After all, the iPhone 4, while being smaller, shares the iPhone 3GS’ same 3.5″ screen, but now it can carry an even higher 960 x 640 pixel resolution. Each inch carries 326 pixels, making it the highest resolution phone screen you can find on the market today.

The Retina display is far better than any other type of smartphone screen you can find on the market – after all, it gets its name from the fact that it has a greater number of pixels than can be picked up by the human eye. iPads and iMacs have also carried over their in-plane-switching techniques to the screen of the iPhone 4, making the screen able to be viewed from more angles than ever before and allowing for maximum visibility and comfort – no more tilting the screen so you can see what is going on.

Apple employed its A4 CPU as the brain for the iPhone4 – the same one found in the iPad. By coupling it with the iOS 4 operating system, the iPhone 4 is able to deliver a wide range of new functions for the user. While users have long awaited multi-tasking ability, they will not be disappointed with the new capabilities of the powerful new iPhone. Just as Apple took its time in perfecting the copy and paste features before release, Apple has created a well-oiled multi-tasking phone that will not plague the user with constant lagging or freezing.

The iPhone 4 also has fantastic ways to use your still and video camera, now featuring a 5 megapixel camera in the body of the phone. What’s more, it comes with a backlit sensor, 5x integrated zoom, and an LED flash, as well as the ability to record 720p HD video at 30 fps, making it an amazing video camera. You can even use tap to focus on the video camcorder as well.

How Is It Possible For One Corporation To Boost The Total Nation Free From An Financial Tragedy?

July 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

The great slump of 2008 affects every state in the union with out hint of letting up. For that matter, nearly all financial experts believe that the economy may sink further straight down well before there’s a turn around. The specific situation in a single word is “bleak”. However, we have a ray of sunshine with one Startup Company in which thinks it may well provide the most suitable stuff to get this united states again on its feet. The truth is in Charlotte, North Carolina there are some over passionate folks which were sitting on a solution going back 6 months which they feel is the vital spark for this economy. These folks are involved in a little known company called People Helping People. As the name of the corporation implies this particular little company provides plans to help anybody in which crosses in its way.

The trail have become slightly sharper on June 1st, 2010. During this day history came to be made as People Helping People launched together with 15,000 independent sales reps enrolling within 10 days. People Helping People together with its cell phone division PeopleZ Wireless is the latest entry in the pre-paid cell phone industry. This cellular telephone industry does annual sales much more than a hundred and fifty billion dollars in the United States alone. Peoplez wireless is making plans to have an army of 100,000 independent sales reps selling their products through the word of mouth. They have prepared a convincing down payment with an opening volley which has met and exceeded their high goals and objectives.

Peoplez Wireless feels that they’re well positioned to capture a tiny piece of this industry. The strategy is to do this along with the majority of its independent distributors benefiting in the process. Therefor turning around an awful genuine realism of the mlm marketing industry: in which 97% of reps never produce enough cash to even cover their initial investment. For people Helping People being successful is defined when all of their independent sales reps are earning money and contributing to the economic revival of the nation.

The energized independent distributors with this company provides much to be happy about. The management team was heady with their choice of sales leaders when the company was forming its strategy. They simply selected the very best network marketers in the county to lead their team. These include leaders that will motivate and also illustrate duplication to their agent force.

The independent sales reps have been enticed to this company like bees to honey. This compelling force is due mostly to the development of a pay plan that favors the typical agent. This particular pay plan is a 3 by 9 forced matrix. It had been designed so that every independent agent makes money with every level of achievement. Every agent has a reasonable chance to make a substantial earnings by simply duplicating what has been taught.

People Helping People believes using this method of success can be copied across the country. The key take away right here is that this company markets products that people want, need and know at simply lower prices. Only time will tell if PeopleZ Wireless becomes a big hit and helps bring back this economy.

Author Richard Broughton