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How To Fix Registry Errors On Your Computer Responsively And Safely.

February 22, 2012 By: lilybird Category: Software

computer registry problems collect over time on your PC as long as it is used – simple. It doesn’t matter if your computer is used for just emailing or basic word processing or for gaming online every day and every night. The general trend is that when a computer is used more than little then registry errors will occur more often.

Registry problems will affect your PC in numerous ways. The speed and performance of your computer can slow down even when just carrying out the most basic of tasks. It can also involuntary crash, freeze and even shut down and sometimes certain tasks will not even function. These issues are very irritating and annoying and on a more serious note, if your system registry has been infected by a virus then your PC’s days could be numbered. ALWAYS have antivirus software protection if your PC is connected online. It is not worth the risk.

To recognise what causes your computer to slow down, you need to know what the system registry actually is. The registry is a database that stores the options and settings for the Windows operating systems. It holds all information and settings for the operating system software, the computer’s hardware, the user settings and many other settings. Consider it as a well organised file cabinet and to retrieve a file is simple and fast. Now think of the file cabinet as very disorganised and the time taken to retrieve that same file would take considerably alot longer.

This is a perfect analogy for when your computer’s system registry is corrupted. When programs are uninstalled incorrectly, when old device drivers are trying to be used or even simple matters such as unused shortcuts can cause the registry to become dysfunctional. In order for your computer to run smoothly, the system registry needs to be repaired.

There are a few ways to do this. You could of course take your PC for a service or get an engineer to come round to you. Get a few quotes first. This is because of the nature of the problem in hand could be quite costly.

Secondly, you could manually repair your registry. I would not advise this if you do not know what you doing. If you delete something important unwittingly then your computer could be in a worse state than before and not function at all.

The most efficient and safest way to fix those registry problems is to download a proficient registry cleaner. There are many registry cleaners online and like most products some are better than others. Most offer a free scan to start and then a small charge to download the software and all the hard work will be done for you. Simple. DO NOT be drawn into the totally free downloadable registry cleaners. Most do not carry out what they offer and it has to be said that anything that is free will never match the quality of something that is bought. Be aware, after all this is your computer that we are talking about.

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DLL Errors – What Are They? Use A Reputable Registry Fix To Fix Your Windows Registry.

November 14, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

Windows registry faults can cause your computer to slowdown, freeze and also crash. Whether you use your computer every day or not, there is every good reason to make sure that your computer stays in good functional order, and with this in mind, you need to think about the importance of keeping your Windows registry in good working order. Using a top registry cleaner is a dead cert for the beneficial health of your computer.

There are many of computer error messages that can flash up on your screen, most are all meaningless to us – most are more of a worry than anything. The most common of these errors that pop up is the DLL error.

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Libraries and these are a vital component needed to help run the operating system. An excellent analogy to the DLL files to your PC’s operating system is this – your house needs electrics run into it in order for you to use your TV. You also have water fed into your home so you can use your bath taps and you also have gas piped in to use your oven. Think the DLL files as being the cables for your electrics and the pipes for your water and also for your gas. Now understand the complications if these started to break down and this is the result of the occurance of DLL errors on your PC.

Of course, like most things in life, if you don’t understand, it can trouble us. Not unlike our unfriendly computer registry errors but until explained it is not such a big deal. There are ways to rectify these matters.

Here are some examples of how a DLL error happens. Some applications use shared DLL files. So if one of the applications requires a customized version of the DLL file for whatever reason needed then this would overwrite the original one. When the other application wishes to use the shared file then suddenly a problem occurs as it does not recognise the latest version. This is a DLL error.

When a bit of software disables a DLL file or if an old piece of software does not distinguish the newer version this is when a disabled DLL file errors occurs.

The Windows operating system now has what is known as signed drivers. This is where a device driver comes attached with a digital signature. This digital signature indicates the publisher of the device driver software and whether it has been changed by an outside source. This then evokes the most usual DLL error as a missing DLL file. The easiest thing to do is Google the DLL file that is missing (from your error message) and input it back into the Windows Library.

Of course certain viruses and malware create DLL errors and in this case you should install antivirus software to stop this happening again.

As said, there are ways to rectifty these DLL errors – Use a reputable registry cleaner, such as RegTool or ErrorFix. These registry cleaners work through your registry database and sort out any invalid entries which cause your problems to occur. They effectively optimise your computer aswell as freeing it of registry issues. It is as simple as downloading the software then with one click of your mouse the registry cleaner will run it’s course. It could not be easier.

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Selecting The Most Reputable Registry Cleaners Available To You.

November 11, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

Most of us have heard of a registry cleaner but do we really know what they are and what they do? Firstly we need to recognise what the system registry is and why we need to clean it periodically.

The system registry is a centralised database that stores all the PC’s configuration settings for the hardware and software and everything and anything that is ever performed on the PC. If you clicked on to your favourite webpage, or uploaded some photos from your camera, or you simply created a notepad file, all this information would be logged into the system registry. Effectively, the registry keeps track of everything carried out by the user or the PC through the Windows operating system.

In time the system registry will increase in size and this is due to the installation and the uninstallation of programs and applications, and of course the daily use of normal activities carried out. As the registry grows larger and larger it will take the operating system longer to read it. This will slow down the overall speed and performance of the operating system which will show on the initial start-up and also in the general running of the PC. The system registry becomes fragmented and disorganised with invalid and corrupt data entries.

This is where a respected registry cleaner comes in to play. The registry cleaner will elimimate the system registry of these unwanted entries. This clever piece of software will effectively defragment the registry leaving it clean and tidy and therefore get your computer’s speed and performance back on track. To find a decent registry cleaner you will need a bit of time to research what product will suit you best.

Poorly designed registry cleaners can cause more problems instead of repairing it. A reputable cleaner will correct the invalid registry keys where as some of the worse ones may not know if a key is still being used and this causes instability in the system. Viruses can be installed into the registry by using a rogue registry cleaner as a smokescreen for this invasion and of course in this scenerio will cause bigger problems.

System registry problems are an annoyance and a bind to the user so review the registry cleaners well. Check that the company has an address and telephone number and use these to check the validity of the business. A top registry cleaner will have a back-up and restore function as a normality. It also will have full technical support and a user-friendly interface.

A top registry cleaner will not only sort out your PC’s registry errors but it will also optimize the speed and performance of it. Use the software periodically and this will keep on top of the smooth running and performance of your PC. Taking it to a computer engineer is not the cheap option so for the small price of a good registry cleaner, research and review well.

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Educating Yourself On Your Windows Registry And Realising When To Rectify It.

November 11, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

What is the Windows system registry and why is it needed?

The registry is at the heart of your computer’s system. It is a huge hierarchical database that is used by the Windows operating system to store and log configuration data. It is essentially the most crucial part of your system that ensures the fluent running of the operating system. It also looks after the compatability for your hardware, any software applications downloaded and installed and fundamentally anything that is undertaken on your PC.

If a folder is copied to a different location, a website is browsed and for example your camera uploads photos then all of this is logged into the system registry. Lets have a look at what some of the registry entries contain:

-The user profiles and settings
-Location and the path of the hardware installed on your computer.
-Location and the path of your software applications installed.
-Security settings and system policies
-Property and user settings for files and folders
-Ports being used for the devices
-And many, many more.

It is very complex and keeping the registry in tip-top condition is an absolute must so that your computer carries on working and running smoothly. By having the registry centralised this reduces any time spent searching for data and information therefore increasing the computer’s speed and performance. Your PC can multitask very effectively so having all the system configurations in one location is a ingenious idea for great efficiency and logistics.

Consider your system registry as a file cabinet. When you put away a file or folder it will fit into a well organised system and this is how it makes it very easy to retrieve and obtain anything that has been filed away correctly. Now, imagine your file cabinet that has had a document filed away in the wrong location. How long would that take you to find it? Alot longer. Consider this scenerio a dozen times over and this is what happens to the system registry when entries are missing or corrupt.

Computer registry errors happen over time depending how often the computer is used. The registry will grow with more information being logged into it. Software and hardware installions and uninstallations cause the database to become fragmented and corrupt and this starts to slow down the system. The longer time goes by the more problems arise. These can be slow boot-ups, system freezes, worsening speed and performance, error messages and even the undesirable non-starter of the operating system.

This is where a decent registry cleaner comes into it’s own. It will scan the system registry of any useless entries and clean up the database getting your computer back to it’s good self. The internet has multitudes of registry cleaners available so research and review extensively for what you need. For a relatively small price to pay your PC can be optimized for as long as you utilize the software.

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Make Your PC Error Free – Use A Top Registry Cleaner.

November 11, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

After time, depending on how often your computer is used, the speed and performance will decline until eventually boot-up and general user activities seem to take an age to perform. If left, error messages may start to pop-up on your screen, application and other software freezes can happen and if still left unresolved the forbidding blue screen of death could occur leaving your PC possibly unuseable.

Of course not all problems can be the result of one particular cause but by performing a registry scan from a top registry cleaner then a list of established issues is shown and if the user so chooses, then the registry cleaner can be used to fix these problems. All of these problems listed from the registry scan will be related to all the issues listed in the foremost paragraph and these are the outcome of system registry problems.

These registry problems occur for many reasons. For example, when programs are deleted instead of being uninstalled incorrectly, it still leaves traces of the application in the registry. Of course these pieces of the program are now unneeded and therefore will never be used again. So now the system registry has data in it that in effect is junk and is cluttering and slowing up the transactions between it and the operating system. Wrong file extensions or old and incorrect drivers, applications that attempt to use the same source are some of the many reasons that leave unwanted entries in the PC’s registry.

The unwanted and undesirable invasion of a virus or spyware can have a massive impact on your computer. A top antivirus software and spyware removal application will remove both of these but they will not rectify registry problems. Bare in mind that the system registry is the heart of your operating system so you must understand the importance of keeping it clean and tidy to give your PC the best chance of running and working to it’s optimum capacity.

Many users may or will not have any knowledge of the system registry and it’s usage but those who do have some savvy about the PC’s mechanics are still advised not to manually repair the registry. Unless you are a competent and skilled computer engineer then it would be extremely easy to remove the wrong registry keys and make your PC completely unuseable.

For a small amount of money a decent registry cleaner can be downloaded and implemented and will make a complex task so easy and uncomplicated. Taking your PC to a computer repair engineer will cost a small fortune so why not spend a small sum on a top registry cleaner. It will make your PC error free and used regularly will keep it optimized to it’s maximum potential.

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Should You Fix Your System Registry Manually By Yourself?

November 10, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

Unless you are a skilled computer engineer who knows the ins and outs of the computer’s system registry then the answer to the above question would definitely be ‘no’.
The PC’s registry is the nerve centre of your computer. It is an immense database that stores the files and settings that your operating system and hardware need in order to function. It is extremely complex and can be made very unstable if tampered with by a novice. Even a minor misapplication could make your PC irreversibly unuseable. This of course is an expensive outcome.

Computer registry problems can appear in many ways, some are not so obvious as others. Slow speed and performance, erratic application startups and freezes are all symptoms of registry problems. If left unattended then they will become worse, leading to your PC blue screening or not even booting up. Baring in mind that the registry effectively keeps your PC and operating system working in harmony then you will need to find another way to fix the registry.

Of course you could take it to a computer engineer but this would cost a small fortune, and to be honest the engineer would probably utilize the same application as you could use yourself. Using a decent registry cleaner is one of the most simpliest applications you can use with probably the best outcome for your PC. Not only will it fix your system registry but it will optimize the running of it aswell.

Using the registry cleaner is very simple and easy. There are many to be found on the internet and they are all downloadable. A decent registry cleaner will backup your computer’s system registry as a precautionary measure just in case there is a power failure or the PC crashes. If the registry has had a backup created then it can be restored to it’s previous state. This is an absolute must. If the registry cleaner you have found does not have a backup and restore facility then do not use it.

After this process it will meticulously scan your system registry for the registry problems and errors and list them all. It will then clean the registry. This process consists of defragmenting the system registry, deleting obsolete files and mending the corrupt files that are there. It will also get rid of any virus and spyware related errors and in total this procedure will sort out your registry problems.

It is that simple. With a couple of clicks of your mouse the registry cleaner will clean your system registry and make those irritating performance problems and system freezing a thing of the past. Apply the cleaning software periodically to keep your registry optimized to it’s full potential.

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