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Causes For Your Windows Freezing And How To Diagnose The Issues.

April 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

There are many causes for your PC to freeze. The best way to tackle the situation is to back-track and take stock of what you last did on your computer since the crashes started to happen.

If you have installed new hardware then check that the driver is compatible with your system. A problematic device driver causes a wide and varied array of Windows problems and a computer freeze is one of them. Via your Control Panel, go into the Device Manager to check if there is an issue with the named driver – this will be shown by a warning icon. If there is then disable the driver, shut down and reboot to see whether this rectifies the problem. If it does solve the problem then either update the driver or uninstall it. If not then read further.

Software installations can cause your PC crash. If you have recently installed software since the problems have arisen then uninstall the program in question to see if this resolves the problem. There are many, many applications available online which cause havoc with your Windows operating system, some may even have spyware in them. Incursive or corrupt as spyware can be, it will cause major problems with your computer.

Nowadays antivirus protection is an absolute requirement if you browse online but ensure that if you decide to change your antivirus solution, you must uninstall the existing one. As foolish as it may sound, two antivirus packages on one computer will conflict with one another causing your computer to crash.

Installing a Windows registry cleaner could solve a lot of freeze issues. A corrupt registry is a main source of PC problems. Redundant and invalid registry values caused will cause your PC to freeze. The Windows registry contains all computer configuration settings so corrupt information held within the registry relays to the poor running of the system. Incorrect information misguides the systems readings, slows down the performance and leads to a PC crash.

Corrupt or redundant registry values happen in many ways. An incorrectly installed or uninstalled application will leave stray data within the registry, or using the wrong file extensions to a document will leave an invalid value. These small issues multiplied over will start to effect the manner of your computer.

A Windows registry cleaner will clean out your registry of all the unwanted values allowing your PC to run to it’s optimum performance and minimizing possible computer problems. Using the cleaner on a regular basis will maintain this to a high standard.

Faulty components within your computer will also induce a crash. Of course, unless you have computer technical knowledge then this would hard to detect. But, for example if your computer was starting to overheat then you may possibly notice this. This would lead to a crash. Yet opening up the case of your computer is not advised unless you are 100% competent. Serious damage can be caused so take your PC along to a reputable competent PC engineer if all the other avenues have been covered.

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Using Methods To Resolve Your PC From Freezing.

April 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

There are two types of computer freeze – when only one program has froze or when your whole system has crashed. Both are very annoying and both results could lead to data lose.

To clear your Windows crash, press CTRL, ALT, DEL together and open up the Task Manager. Select the program that is described as ‘Not Responding’ and click on this to close the offending program. But if everything has crashed – meaning that you can not even use your mouse, then press CTRL, ALT, DEL and shut down. Wait for a minute and then re-boot. As said before, data could be lost if you were in the middle of something.

Diagnosing the Windows crash is the hard part. If it keeps on happening then it will need to be stopped before it worsens, possibly causing alot more problems than needed. Eliminating certain reasons will narrow down the solution to the crash. Retracing your steps can help. For example, if you have installed new hardware then check that the device driver is the right one. Incorrect device drivers are a main cause for alot of computer problems so check your Device Manager for any issues with your hardware. This can be found in the Control Panel. If there are any problems here it will be shown with a warning icon. Disable the offending item, restart your computer and see whether this rectifies the freeze. If it does then go back into the Device Manger and update the driver effected and install the latest version.

Viruses or spyware can cause strange behaviour on your computer with freezing being just one of them. If you browse online then it is an absolute necessity that you have a reputable antivirus package installed. If you do have antivirus protection onboard then ensure that you only have one package installed. This may sound daft but if you have decided to install different antivirus protection without uninstalling the last then both will conflict with each other resulting with a PC crash.

If new software has been installed recently since the crashes have happened then uninstall it, reboot and see if this helps.

A corrupted registry is a huge contributor to a PC freeze. The registry holds all of the system’s configuration settings that makes things happen between the user, the software and the system itself. Without a registry your computer would not function. Incorrect, obsolete, corrupt registry files can easily occur due to the sheer size and complexity of the registry. So if a value within the registry is corrupt then the reading of this to the system is misunderstood, which can relate to your system freezing. Install a registry repair tool for instant results and a worry-free registry repair.

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PC Crashing Can Be Resolved By Utilizing Elimination Methods Or By Using A Windows Registry Cleaner.

April 28, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

A computer crash is very annoying and can lose you data if you are in the middle of work when it occurs. When your computer freezes then open the Task Manager to close the ‘Not Responding’ application and this should resolve the issue. If this does not work then you will need to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to shut down your computer, then re-boot. If this keeps on happening then you will need to resolve the problem before it worsens.

There are many reasons that will cause a PC crash. If you have more than one antivirus program installed on your computer then these will conflict with each other causing a crash. Uninstall the outdated version or the antivirus package that you do not need and see if this rectifies the problem.

If you have installed new hardware then check that you have installed the lastest driver for it. Driver issues will cause your PC to freeze. Check the status of your drivers within the Device Manager. Any problems with drivers will be highlighted here so select the Disable Driver button and see whether this rectifies your Windows from freezing. If it does then uninstall it. If not, then read further.

A corrupted registry will cause your Windows to freeze. Microsoft registry errors are a huge issue for your computer and can be easily resolved by using a Microsoft registry cleaner. Your Windows registry is the main component of your computer and is at the heart of your computer system. If your computer did not have a registry then it would cease to function. It stores all of your hardware and software configurations, your user preferences, security policies, program installations and many other important data. A computer freeze is also the outcome of a registry problem.

The registry stores a vast amount of data and is constantly being updated and this is where the problems arise. For example, incorrectly installed or uninstalled programs will leave obsolete and redundant entries within the registry. When the Windows operating system attempts to retrieve data from the registry then it will find incorrect information and may cause your PC to freeze.

Leading registry cleaners can be downloaded from the internet so take some time out to research the products carefully. Not only does a registry cleaner fix your system registry, it will also keep your PC running to it’s full potential. A clean registry means that it is organized and therefore will greatly increase the speed and performance of your PC. You can also use the registry cleaner to perform regular scans and repairs to keep on top of possible future registry problems. A PC crash could be eradicated by using the above methods.

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How Does A PC System Registry Cleaner Really Work?

April 12, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

A decent PC system registry cleaner is an absolute must to keep your system registry in tip-top condition. It works by very meticulously searching the registry on your PC for out-dated and corrupt information. After the scan has finished then with the permission of the user the registry cleaner will perform it’s task by deleting and repairing the registry entries required. Upon completion, the speed and performance of the PC will have a noticable difference. This is because the system registry has been trimmed and cleaned to it’s optimum size, therefore the speed and performance is brought back to it’s original state.

The start of computer registry problems can be noticed in one of many ways. The boot-up of your PC takes alot longer than it should. The occurance of slow application and program initiations. Also after time, pop-up error messages will start to display on the screen. These are all tell-tell signs of your system registry starting to get bogged down with pointless and incorrect entries and this is when you need a reputable registry cleaner. Viral infections and spyware are also a big problem and which can dramatically affect the registry.

Your system registry is a centralised informational database that stores all your PC’s system, user and configuration settings. If you look at a home page on a website or download a music file or just copy and paste a file locally on your PC then all of this information is logged into your system registry. Now if, for example you uninstall a software application incorrectly (by just deleting the program) then due to the style in which Windows works, upon deletion the application will leave traces of itself in the registry. This of course is now useless information and will never be used again. Imagine this happening over and over again and you can see how easy the registry can get clogged up with invalid data.

If the system registry is not fixed then that is when the related known problems start to materialise and multiply. The installation of a leading registry repair tool is an essential requirement to rectify this problem. Do not attempt to repair the registry manually. Unless you are a competent computer engineer then you could render your PC useless – and that costs a lot of money.

Decent registry cleaners are cheap, very effective and well worth the money. Take some time out to research some products as there are many to found online. Find the one that best suits your needs and your budget. Make sure that the product has these points to hand:
1 – Full technical suppport.
2 – Automatic backup and restore option available.
3 – Money back guarantee.

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Using Master Pages InDesign

December 31, 2009 By: lilybird Category: Software

Adobe InDesign CS4 is traditionally only used by designers; but what happens when you decide that your admin staff need to use the software as well? In this article, we will look at some of the finer points of using master pages in InDesign. Firstly, it is possible to base a new master page on an existing one. From the Pages panel menu, choose New Master Page and, when the New Master dialog appears, choose the name of an existing master page from the drop-down menu labelled “Based on Master”.

As well as inheriting all of the elements on the existing master, the new master will also be linked to it; so that, if you make a change to the elements on the original master page, those changes will be reflected on the new one. It’s very easy to tell if a master is based on another master. The page icon of any master page which is based on another master will display the letter prefix of the parent master page.

In InDesign, master elements are not editable on any child document or master pages. However, in both cases master elements can be unlocked on the child page by holding down the Control and Shift keys and clicking on the master item.

As well as applying master pages to document pages, another simple but useful trick is to base a new master page on a document page or spread. To do highlight a document page or spread and choose Save As Master from the Pages panel menu. It is also sometimes useful to create a master page by duplicating an existing one. Just highlight the master in question and choose Duplicate Master Spread from the Pages panel menu.

Master pages created in one document can be transferred into another document in much the same way as styles and swatches. Choose Load Master Pages from the Pages panel menu then browse for the document that contains the required master(s). Please note, however, that InDesign always imports all of the master pages that the document contains. It does not offer the option of selecting only certain items as is the case with swatches and styles. If one of the master pages being important has the same name as an existing master page, a dialog box will appear offering you the option of replacing the existing master page or renaming the new one.

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Enhance Your Business Presentations With Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

December 25, 2009 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is the only presentation software most people have ever heard of. Having Microsoft PowerPoint training gives one an edge when it comes to making presentations. Being familiar with PowerPoint helps one create presentations that are more dynamic and therefore achieves more impact.

Microsoft PowerPoint users will notice the quick access toolbar has the easiest functions of any program. You have the ability to customize and will not have to click menus and sub menus using the shortcuts. Your choice of functions are from creating reviews, animations, text, video, audio, and tutorials. All this is made easy with the actions found under the toolbar tabs.

Students and teachers use the program for quizzes, tutorials, and to create videos. Many companies providing slide shows and run them automatically while people mingle. The shortcuts using the CTRL or Control button in older versions still intact. If you do not know much about them yet, Keyboard shortcuts are also part of the Microsoft PowerPoint training found on line.

Choose from designs, types, and create charts and graphs that are so easy you will be surprised. Adding special links to graphic or text with boost the message. If you have your own artwork all you need to do is scan it in to use it..

A design in a slide show should have a message that your want to send to the viewers. Focus on the design communicating the message because this is a critical point and pretty does not work. The fact is that the message is easily lost in the design, which is what you need to avoid.

The wonder of technology let us who are not able to draw our art create professional designs. We can create art with the methods already established for success. Positive messages and simple designs are the key to creating the perfect presentation. You have everything you need to use Microsoft PowerPoint and tips for success and hints to get you around any difficulties are all on line twenty four seven

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