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Revitalise The Performance And Speed Of Your PC By Repairing The System Registry.

November 09, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

Most of us after some varied length of time have experienced the slowing down of your PC’s speed upon start up. It can get very annoying when it seems to take alot longer for the PC to arrive at the log-on screen and then even longer for it to get to the desktop. When your computer was new, of course this didn’t happen, so what has caused this to occur?

Over time you install programs and software onto your system. You also create files and folders and photos and many, many other things you want. Within the same time you also remove programs and delete any unwanted files and folders. All of these actions are stored on your system registry and so the more and more actions and functions that are carried out the slower the system will get. Invalid and redundant registry entries are the actual cause of the system slowing down. Spyware is also a big contributor to damaging the registry and eventually the system will start to crash, freeze and then finally will not even boot up.

In simple terms the computer’s system registry is a massive database in which your Windows operating system uses to manage and administer the computer’s operations. Information stored at this level of referral needs to be in tip-top shape and any piece of data, no matter how trivial, that could be misleading will cost alot of time. With this in mind you will understand that this is the most vital part of your computer and therefore any problematic issues that the registry has, then they do need to be rectified.

Unless you are a capable PC engineer then without a shadow of a doubt the best way in which to repair your system registry is to use a top registry cleaner. These applications scan your registry for the invalid and out-dated entries. These could include unused device drivers, unused shortcuts, Spyware and many other unwanted pieces of software. It will then remove these and leave the system registry clean and tidy again.

The internet has plenty registry cleaners to choose from. Make sure that you review the products carefully and thoroughly and take a couple of tips on board. Be sure that the registry cleaner has full backup and restore facilities. This will allow the system to restore itself to it’s original state in case something untoward happens during the cleaning process. Also make sure that the cleaner carrys out a deep scan. Some only do a superficial scan which is not good enough.

Computer registry errors can lead to your computer effectively being made inoperable. So take some valuable time to research properly for the best registry cleaner available.

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Free Registry Cleaners. Are They Worth The Risk For Fixing Your System Registry?

November 06, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

The Windows system registry is a part of your PC that is not to be taken lightly. It is the most important component for your system and is the nerve centre for all the information and data that your operating system needs. The registry is a massive informational database that continually logs everything that is undertaken on your system. This can be anything from writing a new notepad file and saving it, to logging on to an online music store and downloading a music file.

Of course these are actions carried out by the user but the operating system also carries out operations all the time unbeknown by the user. Hardware settings for the drivers and ports used are needed to let your PC know where and how to communicate with your hardware devices such as your printer, keyboard or modem. Software settings are also stored in the registry and are used by the operating system to acquire and gain access to the application when asked to by the user. Thousands of registry entries hold information about system configuration and user settings and as time goes by the system registry grows.

The more information logged, the larger the registry becomes and this is how computer registry errors occur. The registry starts to become fragmented with missing and corrupt entries from where data is introduced and removed. In order to rectify these issues then a registry cleaner is needed and this takes us back to the titled question – free registry cleaners or not?

Free registry cleaners simply and will only clean your registry but they will not defragment it. Fragmentation is the continual modification of the same registry entry and after time will make this entry larger and larger. It will come to a point where it reaches a size limit implemented by Windows. Subsequently any more modifications will cease to occur therefore creating registry problems.

‘Free’ also means exempt and this is where the product does not contain all that is required. You will need technical support and regular software updates. There is not anything of any great worth or value that is free, so considering that we are discussing your computer here then I believe that cutting corners is not a cost effective way in which to rectify your registry issues. Your system registry can so easily be made inoperable by deleting the wrong entries. Computer engineers do not come cheap and investing in a top registry cleaner is a small price to pay.

A reputable registry cleaner will clean, defragment and optimize your PC by revitalising it back to peak performance. They are tens of dozens of registry cleaners available online so research well and find one that best suits your needs.

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The Necessity Of Having A Top Registry Cleaner For The Rectification Of Your Computer’s System Registry.

November 06, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

The majority of households nowadays owns or at least has used or is using a PC. For the larger percentage of these people, more than likely they are implementing a Windows Microsoft operating system. Most users would not know this but all Windows Microsoft operating systems have a registry and without this, the operating system would cease to function.

The computer system registry is really the most vital part of the operating system. It is a huge database that stores all the system settings and configurations, the hardware and software drivers and all the application and program information. The operating system needs to access the registry endlessly so quite understandably this is a place that needs to be kept in high maintenance at all times.

Imagine when a user changes the background wallpaper on the desktop, or when a folder is copied and then pasted into another location – well this is updated in the system registry. It is constantly being referred to. If a program is deleted instead of being correctly uninstalled (there is a big difference) then this is where computer registry errors arise. When a program, for example Microsft Word is correctly uninstalled then all it’s paths to sub-directories and plug-ins are removed from the registry. If it is just deleted, then only the main part of the program is removed. This therefore would leave remnants of a program that is not there anymore and so the registry will have worthless information residing within it.

So after time it is inevitable that the system registry will start to clog up with numerous pointless and outdated entries of information. If these are not cleared out after time the PC will not only show a deficiency in speed and performance but the operating system will start to freeze or crash and possibly involuntarily shut-down. These are all tell-tell signs. Effectively the registry will be suffocated with invalid entries.

Using a valued registry cleaner is an absolute requirement in this scenario. There are many registry cleaners out there on the internet, some are better than others. So take some valuable time out and research what is about. There are dozens of review sites available. Some advocate one particular registry cleaner while some websites are impartial and very informative.

Make sure that the registry cleaner has backup and restore facilities. This is must. Always backup before fixing just in case anything happens. If anything does render the operating system useless then it can be restored to it’s original state. Be careful of ‘free’ registry cleaners. Generally ‘free’ gives a basic package. You need a registry cleaner that has regular updates. Bear in mind that viruses can corrupt and submit a computer useless and new viruses are appearing every day, so stay on top.

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Does A Microsoft System Registry Cleaner Really Help?

November 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

A healthy system registry is an absolute necessity for full operational functionalities and performance for your PC. As your registry is at the heart of your system holding hardware and software configuration settings, security and policy settings, application, software and driver information and many other important data, then maintaining this component is virtually obligatory.

Due to the nature of how information is stored, removed and moved on your system, this has a direct affect on your registry. Invalid, corrupt and disused entries manifest themselves within the registry and these are the factors that will lead to your PC problems. These computer problems are not to be taken lightly. Annoying and irritating as they can be, if left for too long then these problems can grow and lead to more severe issues.

Slow performance and speed, freezing screens, error messages can potentially lead to blue screening and your computer may not even boot up, and most likely the problem at hand is your Windows registry. In order to fix your registry problems then the most effective and efficient manner to do this is to use a Windows registry repair tool. A manual registry cleanup can be done but unless you are 100% competent then I would strongly advise against this method.

Registry repair tools are readily available online, all of which are downloadable. They all have various features which of course eliminate the compromising registry entries that are causing your computer to behave disfunctionally. Most will offer a free scan and with this you can view the software interface and functions, so take a little bit of time to read up on the registry cleaners available as some may not suit your needs.

The registry software will scan your system registry for the obsolete, unwanted or corrupt entries and display them upon your screen. You then can choose which ones to delete, or allow the software to advise you and carry out the repair process itself. The automated service for the novice is the best option. Use the backup feature before your registry cleaner runs it course. This is just in case anything untoward happens in the repair process, such as a power failure or in case you manually omit any important data entries yourself.

The repair process itself will clear out the dead-end entries and assist your PC to run alot smoother. Like your hard drive for storage, once files have been removed then vacant spaces are left and these unfortunately also inhibit your system’s functionalities.

So check that the registry repair tool you choose has a defragmentation tool within it’s kit. This will do exactly the same as the defrag tool does for your PC’s hard drive, re-lining your registry entries into an orderly and effective manner and loosing the empty voids. This action will also improve the performance and speed of your system.

Overall, a registry repair cleaner greatly assists with the running and performance of your PC and remember, without a registry your computer would cease to function. For further help and information, please visit

The Information About Microsoft Registry Cleaner Programs.

November 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Your computer is a highly technical piece of equipment and without a little useful piece of knowledge then you could be subject to alot of computer errors. Every PC has a central informational database that is used to store all of the system’s configuration settings. This hierarchal database is known as the Microsoft Windows registry. It houses the hardware and software configurations, user profiles, security and policy settings and many other crucial settings.

Due to the manner in which your system works, over time obsolete information starts to amass within the registry, causing the database to be unstable and unhealthy. This is a major factor towards slow performance issues, freezing screens, error messages and many other computer problems.

A Windows registry fixer is THE piece of software that you require to take care of your registry right now and in the future. There are many registry cleaners available to download online but like most products, some are more superior than others. Their aim is to clean your Windows registry as proficiently as possible, and these are the main factors that are used:

A full system registry backup and restore feature. This is needed in case of any untoward event that may happen during the cleaning process. A system crash or a power loss would stop the process finishing, leaving your registry in limbo. Using the backup and restore feature would return the registry to the last known good configuration before this event happened and allowing your computer to still function.

The process of repairing the registry is simple. The software seaches the registry for errors. These could be redundant and obsolete entries, to corrupted entries caused by a virus, all of which are not required and which will greatly effect your system’s performance. These errors will then be displayed upon your screen for your viewing. Once given the command from yourself, the registry cleaner will delete and permanently remove them. But of course, like the hard disk within your computer once data is deleted then vacant spaces are left in it’s place and these will also cause PC problems.

A top registry cleaner will recognise this and perform a registry defragmentation. Exactly like the defrag utility that comes with the Windows operating system for your hard disk. This same process is used to jiggle your data within the registry so it becomes ordered and contiguous. This allows the data to be found at the fastest possible speed – no obsolete entries and no dead-end entries leads to a more proficient system.

As said, there are many registry cleaners to choose from so take some time out to review the products available. For further help and information please visit

Slow PC? Here’s The Top Way To Make It Work Like New!

August 16, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

At this time people rely on computers to perform numerous different tasks for us such as get directions, find out news, do homework, socialize, etc… We choose to use our computers for those tasks because they make them much faster and easier. That is why it is very frustrating when our computers don’t work as fast as we are accustomed to. This happens because of your computer’s registry, the place in which it stores all the necessary data and files that make it work. As your PC gets older, this registry gets over-filled because of garbage files from improperly deleted programs or old viruses. This makes your PC search through a lot of useless data before finding the files that it needs; therefore making it slower.

Luckily, here are a couple of different things you can do to improve the condition of the registry in your computer. The first is that you can get a new computer, which would be a waste of money because the new computer will develop the same problem after spome time. Another path you might think of is trying to fix the registry on your own; but, unless you are a computer specialist and know what you are doing, you might actually do more harm then good. The next thing you can do is to buy a registry cleaner. Getting a good registry cleaning software is not very expansive (some are even free) and noticeably improves the performance of your PC which is why it is probably the smartest way to go. Here are some things you should look for in the best registry cleaners.

1: Easy-to-use user interface: This is big because it lets the user to take advantage of all the features available without wasting lots of time figuring out how the application works.

2: Good technical support: In case you do have difficulty or questions about the registry cleaner it is always much better to ask an expert rather than trying to figure it out by yourself. Besides software companies usually give you technical support only if they are confident in the quality of their programs.

3: Quick and Thorough scanning: You do not want to be stuck waiting for the scan to end for a long time, especially if its only to find out that it did not fix anything because it wasn’t thorough enough.

But, you must do some research before you buy a registry cleaning porgram because there are some registry cleaners that don’t perform as advertised. Here are a couple of things you can do to find out which registry cleaners are good and which aren’t. You can try testing them yourself by getting trial versions of the product, or you can go to top registry cleaner review websites. When doing this research, you should make sure that the information you get is not biased since some websites are run by companies that make the application and are therefore biased to their own programs.

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